SSP Combined - BRONZE


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Cougars11335577BYC 3BYC 3131311
Charles Wright Charles Wright22446688BYC 31BYC 31151522
EverettEverett Seagulls335577BYC 3BYC 313131133
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines446688BYC 31BYC 3115152244
KingstonKingston Varsity5577BYC 3BYC 31313113355
Mercer IslandMercer Island Islanders6688BYC 31BYC 311515224466
Nathan Hale High ScoNathan Hale High Sco Raiders77BYC 3BYC 3131311335577
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish88BYC 31BYC 31151522446688
Oak HarborOak Harbor WildcatsBYC 3BYC 3131311335577BYC 3BYC 3
OlympicOlympic TrojansBYC 31BYC 31151522446688BYC 31BYC 31
Seattle Waldorf Warriors131311335577BYC 3BYC 31313
Tumwater Tumwater151522446688BYC 31BYC 311515

B Division

Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Cougars22446688BYC 31BYC 31151522
Charles Wright Charles Wright335577BYC 3BYC 313131133
EverettEverett Seagulls446688BYC 31BYC 3115152244
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines5577BYC 3BYC 31313113355
KingstonKingston Varsity6688BYC 31BYC 311515224466
Mercer IslandMercer Island Islanders77BYC 3BYC 3131311335577
Nathan Hale High ScoNathan Hale High Sco Raiders88BYC 31BYC 31151522446688
North KitsapNorth Kitsap DogfishBYC 3BYC 3131311335577BYC 3BYC 3
Oak HarborOak Harbor WildcatsBYC 31BYC 31151522446688BYC 31BYC 31
OlympicOlympic Trojans131311335577BYC 3BYC 31313
Seattle Waldorf Warriors151522446688BYC 31BYC 311515
Tumwater Tumwater11335577BYC 3BYC 3131311