MASSA 2014 Fall Team Race Champs


Saturday, October 25:

Saturday saw 10-15 knots out of the southwest most of the day. We completed 40 races, finishing flight 4 of the second round robin. Two umpire boats were provided and coaches umpired the 3rd race of each flight. Umpires were Bridget Nannin (Assistant Coach at Hobart William Smith Colleges), Mike Ingham, Jenny Rosenbauer, and Jeff Sullivan. 18 420s were used for the event.

Sunday, October 26:

Sunday we experienced shifty winds and puffy conditions anywhere from 5-20 knots with the average direction being North West. We completed 2 full round robins, 2 gold final four rounds, and a silver final four round. The remaining races for the 2nd round robin and all of the gold final 4 rounds were fully supplied umpires. The umpires were Bridget Nannin, Cory Sertl, Jenny Rosenbauer, Jeff Sullivan, and Larry Sill. The constellation silver round was umpired by coaches. A big thank you to the Rochester Canoe Club for the use of their venue to host this event. Also a big thanks so all of the many volunteers on the start boat, finish boat, and 2 markset boats.

Final Results

1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses18/2Hector Guzman '16Claire Rae '16
Jack Elkin '15Eric DeMario '18
Alex Moreno '15Annabel Carrington '15
Andy Burns '17
2SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals14/6Floyd Nick '15Morgan Ian '15
White Emma '15Blair Reilly '18
Connor Bayless '17Parker Bass '16
Stephanie Houck '17
Caroline McNeil '18
3Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolVarsity10/7Dreugh Phillips '16Sarah Smith '18
Ellie Maus '18Nathan Stell '17
Darden Purrington '16Nick Baker '16
Victor Layne '16Daniel Vail '17
4Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs11/9Gray Kiger '16Alek Sas '18
James Whitmore '16Marshall McCraw '16
Jessica Williams '16Alexander Singh '15
5AnnapolisAnnapolis High SchoolPanthers10/10Kyle Comerford '15Kimberly Leonard '18
Porter Kavle '18Nicholas Salvesen '18
Remington King '17Lexi Pline '15
Sarah Smith '16
Rebecca Osborn '15
6KeyKey SchoolZags8/9Christian Filter '16Declan Lombard '17
Bryan Bay '16Dennis Norman '16
Harrison Koller '17Annabel Thompson '15
Jacob Ostenso '15
7MercyMercy High SchoolVarsity3/14Peter McMillan '15Bridgit Patterson '18
John Robert Lawless '15Venice Aureli '15
Ava Esquier '16Ava Esquier '16
Nate Peck '16Gavin First Name Last Name Graduation Year Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Bloom '17
Bridget Lawless '17Brian Baker '15
Gavin First Name Last Name Graduation Year Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Delete Row Bloom '17Bridget Lawless '17
8St. John the BaptistSt. John the BaptistVarsity0/17James Gilmore III '15Kristi Dolan '16
Kristi Dolan '16Robert Parente '17
Noah Scarpa '17Emily Huttie '17
Wendy Quatrale '17