NorCal #4 GOLD Saturday

Scores for Division A

1RedwoodRedwood High School31Will Martens '16
Giants 2Lucie Welles '16
2The BransonBranson School40Jackson Ritter '16
Bulls 1Kamila Harting '18
3RedwoodRedwood High School48Harry Schmidt '16
Giants 1Liam Farese '18
*4AlamedaAlameda High School56Drake Hayes '17
Varsity 1Brendan Mills '18
*5Sir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake56Dylan Meade '16
Varsity 1Cameron Gibson '15
6TamalpaisTamalpais High School70Hayden Potter '16
Red Tailed Hawks 1Francis Streitman '171-2,5-7
Liam McCormick '183-4
7The AthenianAthenian72Xavier Theo Quinn '16
VarsityJacob (Jake) Glenn '17
8The BransonBranson School74Nicholas Marwell '17
Bulls 2Daniel Pascal '17
9Woodside High School76Patrick Wilkinson '16
WildcatTyler Davis '18
*10AlamedaAlameda High School87Miles Orozco '16
Varsity 3Dimitri Stetsenko '16
*11Bishop O'DowdBishop O'Dowd High School87Nicklas Gardner '15
VarsityEneko Iriso '191-5
Liam Orozco '196-7
*12Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall88Will Paulsen '15
Cubs 2Delaney Moslander '17
*13AlamedaAlameda High School88Aitor Iriso '17
Varsity 2Calder Hartigan '18
*14Sir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake89Sam Barton '17
Varsity 2Delaney Hunt '17
*15St. Joseph Notre Dame HS - Alameda, CA89Mary Jane Howland '18
St. Joseph Notre DamMolly Howland '19
16St. Lawrence Academy - Santa Clara, CA94Jayden Potter '16
Saint Lawrence AcadeWiley Yu '181
17Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall99Emiliano Bache '16
Cubs 1Claire Mohun '15
18Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall103Michael Tellini '17
Cubs 3Lulu Desai '18
19Summit High School - Redwood, CA108Radley Peschel '16
VarsityDerek Makovich '16
20Marin AcademyMarin Academy121John Rusbarsky '15
WildcatsParker Kulavic '18
21Lick-WilmerdingLick-Wilmerding High School130Parker Klebahn '17
TigersBryn Anderson '18
22TamalpaisTamalpais High School134Tye Varnes '171-6
Jacob Orezco '177
Red Tailed Hawks 2Sophie Ellison '151-2,6-7
Fergus Campbell '183-4
Jacob Orezco '175
23The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco144Keith Roehl '15
Breakers 2Shaw Lenox '16
24TamalpaisTamalpais High School146Andy Strike '16
Red Tailed Hawks 3Kate Hofele '171-2,6-7
Mary Overton '173-5
25The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco148Sumner Strumph '17
Breakers 1William Hale '18
*Head-to-head tiebreaker
1Crystal Springs Upla sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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