NorCal #1 Gold

Scores for Division A

1Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall High Schools5Hannah Baylis '15
Cubs 3Paige Dunlevy '16
2The BransonBranson School10Kamila Harting '18
BullsDaniel Pascal '171
Kamila Harting '182
3Marin AcademyMarin Academy11Alyson Crowley '16
Wildcats 2Madeline Kuhn '16
4RedwoodRedwood High School13Will Martens '16
Giants 1Lucie Welles '16
5The UrbanThe Urban School15Lawson Willard '15
VarsityClarence Rosenstein '15
6Sir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake17Dylan Meade '16
Varsity 2Cameron Gibson '15
7RedwoodRedwood High School18Ted Bascom '15
Giants 5Chloe Belgum '16
8Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall High Schools20Paloma Palmer '15
Cubs 2Delaney Moslander '17
9RedwoodRedwood High School21Harry Schmidt '16
Giants 2Liam Farese '18
10Menlo School23Jackson Wagner '15
VarsityIzzy Koningstein '16
*11BerkeleyBerkeley High School25Bear Lundegaard '15
VarsityStuart Myers '17
*12Pacific Collegiate School25
Varsity 2Talia Rozenbaum '15
13Lynbrook HSLynbrook High School27Thomas Samuels '17
VikingsChristian Brown '181
14AlamedaAlameda High School32Drake Hayes '17
Varsity 2Mary Jane Howland '182
15InternationalInternational HS - San Francisco, CA34Nicolai Sponholtz '15
VarsitySara Correa '18
16Pacific Collegiate School35Michael Pacholski '15
Varsity 1Duncan Robertson '181
17The AthenianAthenian36Xavier Theo Quinn '16
OwlsJackson Kaplan '171
Jacob (Jake) Glenn '172
18TamalpaisTamalpais High School37Hayden Potter '16
Red Tailed Hawks 5Francis Streitman '17
19AlamedaAlameda High School40Aitor Iriso '17
Varsity 3Ernest Ho '18
20Woodside High School41Patrick Wilkinson '16
WildcatTyler Davis '18
**21RedwoodRedwood High School45Michael Brandon '16
Giants 4Lennon Lott '15
**22Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall High Schools45Emiliano Bache '16
Cubs 1Claire Mohun '15
23St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Prep - San Francisco50Jonar Tanguilig '16
VarsityRyder Easterlin '16
24Sir Francis DrakeSir Francis Drake53Sam Barton '17
Varsity 1Cody OCallahan '21
25MiramonteMiramonte High School54Kai Otsmaa '17
MatadorsThomas Erisman '191
Daniel Erisman '192
26AptosAptos High School55Isabel Andrew '16
VarsitySam Bach '19
27St. Lawrence Academy - Santa Clara, CA56Jayden Potter '16
Saint Lawrence AcadeJacob Kowalski '19
28The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco57Spencer Paulsen '16
Breakers 2William Hale '18
b29Santa CruzSanta Cruz High School59Charlotte Lenz '16
VarsityKyle Hunt '151
Charlie Atkinson '182
b30Lick-WilmerdingLick-Wilmerding High School59Parker Klebahn '17
TigersJames Scherr '20
31The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco60Sammy Shea '15
Breakers 1Chloe Bohannon '16
32Bishop O'DowdBishop O'Dowd High School61Nicklas Gardner '15
VarsityEneko Iriso '19
33Summit High School - Redwood, CA64Radley Peschel '16
VarsityDerek Makovich '161
Nathan Nakahara '162
c34Marin AcademyMarin Academy65William Bewley '15
Wildcats 1Emily Ritter '161
Jack Lamarre '172
c35TamalpaisTamalpais High School65Tye Varnes '17
Red Tailed Hawks 3Sophie Ellison '15
36LincolnLincoln High School - Stockton, CA67Chad Farrell '16
VarsityAlex Faylor '17
37TamalpaisTamalpais High School68Elisabeth Rowedder '16
Red Tailed Hawks 6Mary Overton '17
38Lycee Francais de SaLycee Francais de San Francisco70Pacal Hines '16
VarsityTigran Demurjan '17
39TamalpaisTamalpais High School71Jack Duncan '15
Red Tailed Hawks 4Makena Barkus '18
d40The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco75Sumner Strumph '17
Breakers 3John DeRuff '17
d41TamalpaisTamalpais High School75Devon Stoeber '17
Red Tailed Hawks 1Kenna Kuhn '16
42Los GatosLos Gatos High School76Max Testa '15
VarsityLelani Bellamy '151
Lilah Foster '172
43TamalpaisTamalpais High School77Andy Strike '16
Red Tailed Hawks 2Kate Hofele '17
44AlamedaAlameda High School80Miles Orozco '16
Varsity 1Caila Devlin '17
e45Mission High School88Hunter (Cazzie) Cutting '16
VarsitySterling Syquia '15
e46RedwoodRedwood High School88Culley Deisinger '15
Giants 3Sheldon Smart '161
Blake Bunney '182
*Number of high-place (5) finishes
**According to last race (2)
bNumber of high-place (21) finishes
cNumber of high-place (25) finishes
dNumber of high-place (36) finishes
eNumber of high-place (42) finishes
1Sequoia sailor
2St. Joseph Notre Dam sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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