PCISA 2015-16 SoCal #4 SILVER


Remain in initially assigned boat throughout.

A Division

CoronadoCoronado Islanders 186868686
CoronadoCoronado Islanders 298989898
La JollaLa Jolla Vikings 197979797
La JollaLa Jolla Vikings 296969696
La JollaLa Jolla Vikings 399999999
OlympianOlympian Olympian High School 188888888
OlympianOlympian Olympian High School 287878787
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings 195959595
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings 292929292
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 115151515
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 26666
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 37777
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 41111
Redondo UnionRedondo Union Varsity93939393
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning85858585
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights 116161616
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights 213131313
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights 318181818
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 191919191
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 289898989
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 390909090
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 484848484
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 594949494