PCISA 2015 SoCal #2 SILVER

A Division

Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons66666666666
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings Varsity9999999999999999999999
CoronadoCoronado Islanders 19898989898989898989898
CoronadoCoronado Islanders 29393939393939393939393
CoronadoCoronado Islanders 39797979797979797979797
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Lancers 1117117117117117117117117117117117
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Lancers 2116116116116116116116116116116116
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 19696969696969696969696
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 29595959595959595959595
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 39494949494949494949494
Long Beach PolyLong Beach Poly Jackrabbits 17979797979797979797979
Long Beach PolyLong Beach Poly Jackrabbits 27777777777777777777777
Long Beach WilsonLong Beach Wilson Bruins7878787878787878787878
Mater DeiMater Dei Monarchs 18686868686868686868686
Mater DeiMater Dei Monarchs 29090909090909090909090
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings8080808080808080808080
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Varsity 18383838383838383838383
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Varsity 28484848484848484848484
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 155555555555
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 288888888888
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 31212121212121212121212
Port of Los AngelesPort of Los Angeles Varsity 18181818181818181818181
Port of Los AngelesPort of Los Angeles Varsity 28282828282828282828282
Redondo UnionRedondo Union Varsity 18787878787878787878787
Redondo UnionRedondo Union Varsity 28888888888888888888888
Rolling Hills PrepRolling Hills Prep Huskies8989898989898989898989
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning 19292929292929292929292
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning 29191919191919191919191