SSC Lake Mayer Open


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Beaufort Academy Varsity991111131315
BeaufortBeaufort Varsity10101212141416
Benedictine MilitaryBenedictine Military Varsity4499111113
Brunswick HighBrunswick High Varsity1111131315154
Frederica AcademyFrederica Academy Varsity1212141416167
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity13131515449
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity141416167710
Richmond Hill Varsity1515449911
Savannah Country DaySavannah Country Day Hornets161677101012
St. Vincent's Academ Varsity771010121214

B Division

Beaufort Academy Varsity10101212141416
BeaufortBeaufort Varsity1111131315154
Benedictine MilitaryBenedictine Military Varsity771010121214
Brunswick HighBrunswick High Varsity1212141416167
Frederica AcademyFrederica Academy Varsity13131515449
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity141416167710
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity1515449911
Richmond Hill Varsity161677101012
Savannah Country DaySavannah Country Day Hornets4499111113
St. Vincent's Academ Varsity991111131315