VISA NCS 2x2 Team Race Champions


Saturday, October 24:

On Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 sailors representing 15 schools met at Norfolk Yacht and Country Club for the VISA Team Race Championship with both 2x2 and 3x3 regattas. Conditions were favorable with winds of 5-10 mph and higher gusts out of the SE, and seas with a very light chop. Current down the Lafayette River was strong adding to start and mark rounding challenge on the 2x2 course.

Seven teams competed in a full 3x3 round robin with the top four and bottom three separating for participation in an additional round. The top two and bottom two, of the top 4, then completed "best of" rounds. Scores are cumulative, but teams were ranked in groups as noted above. Norfolk Collegiate won the 3x3 regatta followed by Norfolk Academy and Christchurch School.

Nine teams competed in a full 2x2 round robin. Techscore 3x3 was modified to accommodate the 2x2 competition, and the spreadsheet with actual finishes can be found on the regatta notice board @ First place in the regatta was taken by Nansemond Suffolk Academy, followed by Norfolk Collegiate School, and Grafton High School.

Final Results

1Nansemond-Suffolk AcNansemond-Suffolk AcademySaints8/0Kaila Pfrang '17Hailey Gilman '17
Harrison Parker '18T.J. Argust '18
Unreported Sailor '19 *Bobby Levin '18
Unreported Sailor 2 '19 *
Unreported Sailor 6 '19 *
2Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks7/1Parker Purrington '19Matt Wright '19
Hunter Kahler '17Chris Robertson '19
Unreported Sailor '19 *Unreported Sailor 2 '19 *
*3GraftonGrafton High SchoolClippers5/3Haydon Gould '19Marissa White '18 *
Lucas Grigorian '17Christopher Raab '20
Capsize Again '16 *Haydon Gould '19
Zack George '19 *
Lost Bailer '16 *
**4YorkYork High SchoolVarsity5/3Daniel Hodges '18Charlie Gibson '20
Zane Morris '18Sydney Kelly '20
Portis Notathing '16 *Ethan White '20
Wheresthe Spinnaker '16 *
5Hampton Roads AcademyNavigators4/4Henry Eley '18Connor Duggan '19
Andrew Frix '18Brandon Kim '19
Alex Kitay '19Phillip Whitten '17
Jared Cronin '17Jill Shoemaker '19
Diaana Mohsin '19
*6Walsingham AcademyWalsingham AcademyTrojans3/5Morgan Kelly '17Colin Wilson '18
Carson Cooper '18Stanton Camp '18
Ian O'Connell '16Declan Lawlor '16
**7KecoughtanKecoughtan High SchoolWarriors3/5Sam Brady '19Grace Holloway '17
Cole Handly '19Mallory Soter '20
Rachael Kilgore '14Morgan Handly '21
Micaela Twisdale '16
Jillian Kilgore '16
Rachel Kilgore '14
8Smithfield High SchoolSmithfield1/7Ellie Hinkle '19Carley Peacock '17
Raina Hempley '19Jaylin Barrett '19
Unreported Sailor '19 *Heather Coultas '18
Unreported Sailor 2 '19 *
9St. Catherine'sSt. Catherine's SchoolSaints0/8Elizabeth Magee '17Emmy Jankowski '19
Audrey Ladd '19Abby Nichols '17
Blair Cavanaugh '16Caroline Hudgens '17
Unreported Sailor '19 *Unreported Sailor 2 '19 *
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)