Banks Blackwell

Scores for Division B

1Grosse IleGrosse Ile High School8Ian Reimel '19
Red Devils ScarletMichael Kalata '18
2Culver AcademiesCulver Academies32Andrew Crowell '18
Maroon 1Rockwell "Rocky" Nierenberg '18
3East Grand RapidsEast Grand Rapids36justin lovell '17
Varsity Goldregan pitts '18
4Beacon AcademyBeacon Academy43Gordon Scully '17
Varsity 1Laurel Schenkman '18
5Lyons TownshipLyons Township High School45Casey Gignac '18
Lions 1Anna Franco '17
6Grosse IleGrosse Ile High School54Chris Twomley '17
Red Devils GreyTyler Pardo '18
*7U Chicago LaboratoryUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools57Sam Morin '18
MaroonsJason Tothy '20
*8Spring LakeSpring Lake High School57Claire DeBlanc '20
GreyKameron Norwood '19
9Lane Tech College PrLane Tech College Prep58Luke Hosek '20
VarsityAidan Finn '20
10East Grand RapidsEast Grand Rapids65caroline grin '21
JV Mixedannika lampan '21
11Spring LakeSpring Lake High School71Bryson Hough '21
RedRyan Navarre '19
12Culver AcademiesCulver Academies80Blanca Jimenez '19
Maroon 3Jacqueline Oeschger '18
13Beacon AcademyBeacon Academy81Grayson Hunter '19
Varsity 2Tasker Peacock '20
14Lyons TownshipLyons Township High School90Sam Wojcik '19
Lions 2Emerson Wright '191
15Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS95AJ Brown '18
WildkitsWill McCrory '18
16Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy99Bridget Falkenhayn '19
RamblersJoseph Shilati '181-4
Maggie Bryne '185-6
17Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS101Jack Suvari '19
BlueHenri Amesse-Morrish '201-4
Oscar Underburg '205-6
**18Grand HavenGrand Haven High School102Max Curtiss '19
GH Blue 2Nicholas Garvale '19
**19Spring LakeSpring Lake High School102Ryan Peterson '20
BlackZak Colvin '191-2,5-6
Jaden Petersen '193-4
20Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy114Gregor Leech '18
GoldCaroline Schmidt '171-2
Lina Domenella '173-6
21Culver AcademiesCulver Academies124Miles Clark '17
Maroon 2Audrey Quist '19
22Grand HavenGrand Haven High School127Simon Furton '21
GH Blue 3Ethan Walburg '19
23New Trier HSNew Trier HS128Dylan Hardt '20
TrevianSammy Stoeber '201-2
Zach Nagel '193-6
24Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High School129Aviva Kaplam '20
VarsityGage Gerding '20
25Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy134Hugh Ryder '18
BlackKari Hoover '181-4
Caroline Hayes '185-6
26Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS140Maxime Visa '19
OrangeUlysses Hennelly '201-2,5-6
Nic Granchalek '203-4
27Grand HavenGrand Haven High School146Grace Glessner '18
GH Blue 1Benjamin Wassell '18
28Brother Rice - ILBrother Rice High School - IL147Elizabeth Gildea '20
VarsityAnthony Raphael '18
29Lake ForestLake Forest High School154Spencer Strom '18
ScoutsLiam Andersen '20
30FenwickFenwick High School186No show
FriarsNo show
*Head-to-head tiebreaker
**Number of high-place (5) finishes
1U Chicago Laboratory sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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