Great Oaks 2016 Silver

Scores for Division A

1Brother Rice (IL)Brother Rice High School - IL24Emily Gildea '17
VarsityElizabeth Gildea '20
2St. Patrick CatholicSt. Patrick Catholic High School35Mallory Edwards '19
Fighting IrishJames Edwards '21
3Jensen BeachJensen Beach High School37Hunter Sorensen '17
FalconsJaxson Stehlin '201-2,5-6
Chloe Hudgins '203-4,7-8
4Jesuit NOLAJesuit High School, NOLA49Michael Haupt '171-2,5-8
Robert Argote '183-4
Blue JaysMax Bell '171-2,5-8
William Nance '183-4
5SummitSummit High School52Shannon Groskoph '171-2,5-6
Sean Groskoph '203-4,7-8
HilltoppersKelsey Kennedy '181-2,5-6
Sophie Lusty '203-4,7-8
6FairhopeFairhope High School55Camille McGriff '181-2,5-8
Pete McGriff '203-4
VarsityMax Morgan '181-2
Madison Johnson '193-8
7South ForkSouth Fork High School57Nick Ochalek '17
SF BULLDOGSGriffin Pollis '191-2,5-8
Yazmeen Simpson '193-4
8Ocean SpringsOcean Springs High School61Nick Gault '171-4
Matthew Demboski '175-8
VarsityMatthew Demboski '171-4
Nick Gault '175-8
9Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman High School65Kelsey Bonham '181-4
Ryan de Lissovoy '185-8
VarsityNathaniel Dwyer '171-4
Clara Astrup '185-8
10Ft. Walton BeachFt. Walton Beach High SchoolMRP70
11North Bay Haven CharNorth Bay Haven Charter Academy77Bray Spann '191-2
Morgan Hurst '193-8
Morgan HurstLuke Hayes '191-2,5-6
Annika Johnson '183-4,7-8
12Niceville High SchoolMRP92Katherine Cardozo '17
Varsityian hunter '181-2
13Nolan Catholic High School108John Brandt '19
Viking Sailing ClubGarrett Golliday '19
14Ursuline AcademyUrsuline Academy114Kaitlin Daly '171-2
Tylar Warren '183-4
Elizabeth Squires '185-8
LionsTylar Warren '181-2,7-8
Kennedy Cooper '203-6
15Mount Carmel AcademyMount Carmel AcademyMRP124
16Brother MartinMRP156

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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