Lake Crabtree Open


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BeaufortBeaufort Varsity3366881010447799
Carrboro Varsity4477993366881010
Durham  of The ArtsDurham of The Arts Varsity6688101044779933
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats7799336688101044
Pamlico CountyPamlico County Hurricanes8810104477993366
Pine Lake PrepPine Lake Prep Varsity9933668810104477
Wakefield High Varsity1010447799336688

B Division

BeaufortBeaufort Varsity4477993366881010
Carrboro Varsity6688101044779933
Durham  of The ArtsDurham of The Arts Varsity7799336688101044
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats8810104477993366
Pamlico CountyPamlico County Hurricanes9933668810104477
Pine Lake PrepPine Lake Prep Varsity1010447799336688
Wakefield High Varsity3366881010447799