North Points 3


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BeaufortBeaufort Varsity1133
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity2244
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity3355
John T. Hoggard Hoggard Vikings4466
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats5577
Myers ParkMyers Park Mustangs6688
Pine Lake PrepPine Lake Prep Varsity7799
Porter-GaudPorter-Gaud Varsity881010
Richmond Hill Varsity991111
Charleston SOACharleston SOA SOA Varsity10101212
WaccamawWaccamaw Waccamaw High School111111
WandoWando Wando Warriors121222

B Division

BeaufortBeaufort Varsity2244
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity3355
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity4466
John T. Hoggard Hoggard Vikings5577
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats6688
Myers ParkMyers Park Mustangs7799
Pine Lake PrepPine Lake Prep Varsity881010
Porter-GaudPorter-Gaud Varsity991111
Richmond Hill Varsity10101212
Charleston SOACharleston SOA SOA Varsity111111
WaccamawWaccamaw Waccamaw High School121222
WandoWando Wando Warriors1133