PCISA 2016-17 SoCal 2 Gold

Scores for Division A

1Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School13Max Mayol '19
Sea Kings 4Carolyn Horton '19
2Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School32Erik Hou '20
Sailors 10Parker Pittman '20
3Point LomaPoint Loma High School34Aidan Hoogland '20
Pointers 3Andrew Larson '17
4Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School37Reid Wiley '18
Sailors 7Zoe Johansson '20
5Long Beach PolyLong Beach Polytechnic HS43Jake Zieba '18
JackrabbitsCameron Feves '18
6Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School44Pearce Mendoza '19
Sailors 4Morgan Burton '19
7Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School46Max Brennan '19
Sailors 9Daniel Lockhart '18
8Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School52Trenton Bashaw '18
Sailors 1Skyler Jacobsen '19
9Mater DeiMater Dei High School55Jeffrey Petersen '20
Monarchs 1Dutch Dietrick '20
10Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School58Alex Bonsager '20
Sailors 8Tyler Jones '19
11Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School66Christopher Sandoval '18
Sea Kings 5
12Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School69Payton Thompson '19
Sea Kings 6Rob Caustin '19
13CoronadoCoronado High School70Owen Schafer '17
Islanders 4Max Stangl '171-2,5
Amy Schafer '193-4
14CoronadoCoronado High School71PJ Eaton '17
Islanders 2Joey Simon '18
15Mater DeiMater Dei High School78Anthony Zorayan '18
Monarchs 2Matt Sanchez '18
16Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School79Ryan Tolsma '18
Sea Kings 7Christian Tabor '18
17Francis ParkerFrancis Parker School - San Diego, CA82
Parker 1Sahana Kumar '17
18CoronadoCoronado High School88Stewart Powell '17
Islanders 3Trey Summers '20
19Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School90Harrington Bubb '19
Sailors 2
20Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School95Landon Martin '18
Sea Kings 3Olivia Visser '19
*21Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School102Ryan Potter '20
Sailors 5Madison Bashaw '20
*22Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School102
Sea Kings 1
*23Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School102
Sea Kings 2
*24Francis ParkerFrancis Parker School - San Diego, CA111Annabelle Huyard '20
Parker 2
*25Francis ParkerFrancis Parker School - San Diego, CA111Madeleine McGrath '18
Parker 3Allison Silverstein '18
26Point LomaPoint Loma High School112Kyle Farmer '19
Pointers 1Elisabeth (Elise) Bowman '18
27Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School113Ian Wells '20
Sailors 6Jack Flores '20
28Point LomaPoint Loma High School125Timmy Fraher '20
Pointers 2Max Capron '19
29Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School128Eric Jones '20
Sailors 3Jack Blackman '20
30Rolling Hills PrepRolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools134Cade Morris '18
HuskiesJacob Schnel '19
31CoronadoCoronado High School148Alex Bastuba '18
Islanders 1Sean Crozier '18
*Head-to-head tiebreaker

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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