2017-18 PCISA SoCal 1 Silver


Remain in initially assigned boat throughout.

A Division

Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons 1555555
Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons 2666666
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 1858585858585
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 2878787878787
CoronadoCoronado Nado 1929292929292
CoronadoCoronado Nado 2113113113113113113
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 1119119119119119119
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 2121121121121121121
JSerra CatholicJSerra Catholic Lions 3888888888888
Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Math Sato Dragon X868686868686
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs999999999999
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer898989898989
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings 1939393939393
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings 2949494949494
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings 3969696969696
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers 1989898989898
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers 2979797979797
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning 1909090909090
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning 2919191919191
San ClementeSan Clemente Triton 1848484848484
San ClementeSan Clemente Triton 2122122122122122122
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans959595959595
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights 1101010101010
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights 2999999