2017 NJISA Sailfest


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Central RegionalCentral Regional Eagles113355
ChathamChatham Cougars224466
Christian BrothersChristian Brothers Colts 1335577
Christian BrothersChristian Brothers Colts 2446688
Donovan CatholicDonovan Catholic Griffins557799
Jackson MemorialJackson Memorial Jackson Memorial66881010
RanneyRanney Panthers77991111
Red Bank CatholicRed Bank Catholic Caseys8810101212
Rumson-Fair HavenRumson-Fair Haven Bulldogs 19911111313
Rumson-Fair HavenRumson-Fair Haven Bulldogs 2101012121414
Southern RegionalSouthern Regional Rams111113131515
SummitSummit Hilltoppers 1121214141616
SummitSummit Hilltoppers 21313151511
Toms River  NorthToms River North Mariners1414161622
Toms River  SouthToms River South Indians15151133
Trinity HallTrinity Hall Monarchs16162244

B Division

Central RegionalCentral Regional Eagles224466
ChathamChatham Cougars335577
Christian BrothersChristian Brothers Colts 1446688
Christian BrothersChristian Brothers Colts 2557799
Donovan CatholicDonovan Catholic Griffins66881010
Jackson MemorialJackson Memorial Jackson Memorial77991111
RanneyRanney Panthers8810101212
Red Bank CatholicRed Bank Catholic Caseys9911111313
Rumson-Fair HavenRumson-Fair Haven Bulldogs 1101012121414
Rumson-Fair HavenRumson-Fair Haven Bulldogs 2111113131515
Southern RegionalSouthern Regional Rams121214141616
SummitSummit Hilltoppers 11313151511
SummitSummit Hilltoppers 21414161622
Toms River  NorthToms River North Mariners15151133
Toms River  SouthToms River South Indians16162244
Trinity HallTrinity Hall Monarchs113355