Chicago YC JV Central Series #2

Scores for Division A

1New Trier HSNew Trier HS12Will Plovanic '19
Trevian 1Garrett Cook '20
2New Trier HSNew Trier HS36Nate Alter '19
Trevian 4Zac Nagel '19
3Jones College PrepJones College Prep41Molly Sheridan '21
Eagles 2William Gardner '19
4Lake ForestLake Forest High School43William Porter '18
Scouts 1Casey Murray '20
*5Lake Forest AcademyLake Forest Academy49Abigail Shanley-Roberts '21
Varsity 1No show
*6New Trier HSNew Trier HS49Maureen Kelly '19
Trevian 5Henry Merrilees '20
7Lake ForestLake Forest High School53Nicholas Tegel '21
Scouts 2Ryan McFadden '20
8Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS66Jack Suvari '19
WildkitsOscar Underburg '201-7
McKay Chmielleyski '218
9New Trier HSNew Trier HS102Alex Rietz '20
Trevian 2Sammy Stoeber '20
10Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy106Joseph Shilati '18
RamblersColin McCabe '191
Kari Hoover '182,6
Caroline Hayes '183-4,7
Cassie Hollick '205,8
11New Trier HSNew Trier HS107Ted Lutton '20
Trevian 3Quin Doughty '211-6
Anna McBride '207-8
12Hyman G. Rickover NaHyman G. Rickover Naval Academy110Jose Medrano '18
Varsity 2Natalie Amaro '18
13Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High School118Cecily Marden '21
Varsity 2Francis Depke '21
14Lake ForestLake Forest High School120Jack Clawson '20
Scouts 3Kyle Mcdonald '21
15Beacon AcademyBeacon Academy130Jack Ruder '191-5
Preston Anderson '186-8
WolvesWillem Aspinall '21
16Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High School132Robert Dazynski '21
Varsity 1Kate Gallagher '21
17Latin  of ChicagoLatin School of Chicago137Adam Cole '19
Varsity 1Caroline Creamer '20
18Lake Forest AcademyLake Forest Academy153Thaxter Shaw '19
Varsity 2Nate Koh '20
19Beacon AcademyBeacon Academy155Noah Lichstein '201-5
Tasker Peacock '206-8
VarsityDaren Nerad '201-5
Noah Lichstein '206-8
20Hyman G. Rickover NaHyman G. Rickover Naval Academy159Maritza Lara '18
Varsity 1Anthony Mendoza '20
21St. Ignatius (IL)St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, IL170Kate Crannell '20
WolfpackLiam Anderson '21
22Jones College PrepJones College Prep176Emmett Nevel '21
Eagles 1No show
23Latin  of ChicagoLatin School of Chicago179Alex Laverty '21
Varsity 2James Nappo '20
24Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS209McKay Chmielleyski '21
OrangeTim Mooney '21
**25Lake ForestLake Forest High School216Zach Biela '20
Scouts 4Ryan McFadden '20
**26Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy216Kari Hoover '18
GoldCassie Hollick '20
*Head-to-head tiebreaker

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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