ISSA Cressy Nationals Full Rig


Remain in initially assigned boat throughout.

A Division

Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Jake Vickers '1817171717171717171717171717
Christian BrothersChristian Brothers Michael Ehnot '185555555555555
FairhopeFairhope Pete McGriff '2011111111111111111111111111
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Caleb Robinson '1814141414141414141414141414
Fort Lauderdale Stephen Streater '1915151515151515151515151515
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Perham Black '182222222222222
Latin  of ChicagoLatin of Chicago Nikolas Chambers '194444444444444
Long Beach PolyLong Beach Poly Cameron Feves '186666666666666
Newport HarborNewport Harbor Joseph Hou '187777777777777
OlympiaOlympia Owen Timms '1916161616161616161616161616
Ransom EvergladesRansom Everglades Paul Lobree '1810101010101010101010101010
RedwoodRedwood Caleb Yoslov '2118181818181818181818181818
South RiverSouth River Leo Boucher '183333333333333
St. George'sSt. George's Ted Bjerregaard '181111111111111
St. George'sSt. George's John Kirkpatrick '189999999999999
The Benjamin Connor Murphy '1912121212121212121212121212
University LiggettUniversity Liggett Alex Johnson '188888888888888
Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton Colleg Owen Patterson '1913131313131313131313131313