Silver NorCal #2

Scores for Division A

1The UrbanThe Urban School21Eli Gordon '201-12
BluesDillan Srivastava '201,3,5,7,9
Tristan Bellevin '212,4,6,8
2Lick-WilmerdingLick-Wilmerding High School29James Scherr '201-12
TigersBryn Anderson '181-12
3GunnHenry M. Gunn High School32Nelea Fong '20
Titans 1Poshu Ng '21
4St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Prep - San Francisco48Daria Bubnova '201-12
WildcatsPaul Ikeda '201-12
William Plam '2013
5InternationalInternational HS - San Francisco, CA53Sabrina Simon '211-12
Jaguars 2Benjamin Stevens '211-12
6GunnHenry M. Gunn High School54Ethan Lowenthal '20
Titans 2Michael McCulloch '211
7Harbor HighHarbor High School59Chloe Long '19
PiratesGeza Bateman '21
8StevensonStevenson School62Taylor Lee '19
PiratesNaomi Dommermuth '18
9TamalpaisTamalpais High School75John Overton '20
Red Tailed Hawks 3jake bourdages '19
10AcalanesAcalanes High School84Sophia Browne '20
DonsLola Rao '20
11The Bay  of San FranThe Bay School of San Francisco99Jonah Benningfield '201-12
BreakersCharlotte Navin '201-12
12AptosAptos High School104Alyssa Meyer '20
MarinersXimena Greatorex '21
*13Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall107Alexander Nunez '201-12
Cubs 1Miles Ranieri '211-12
*14Head RoyceHead Royce107Eli Singer '22
JayhawksEloise Henry '20
15TamalpaisTamalpais High School111Nickolas Monrique '19
Red Tailed Hawks 1hudson nanola '21
16Convent & StuartConvent and Stuart Hall114Joshua Widjanarko '191-12
Cubs 2Dennis O'Donnell '201-12
**17TamalpaisTamalpais High School116Eliot Hall '19
Red Tailed Hawks 2charles bohner '21
**18InternationalInternational HS - San Francisco, CA116Leila O'Rourke '201-12
Jaguars 1Josie Galvin '211-6
Amelia Nugent '217-12
19Design TechDesign Tech High School143Erez Harel '20
d.techMadelyn Blessinger '191-2,5-6
Uthman Alaoui '203-4,7-8
20Los Altos HighLos Altos High150Alex Dao '22
EaglesGriffin Conley '211
21Khan Lab School176Parth Iyer '21
Khan LabNo show
*Number of high-place (2) finishes
**Number of high-place (9) finishes
1Design Tech sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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