VISA Maury Fleet Race JV Regatta

Scores for Division A

1Norfolk AcademyNorfolk Academy7Audrey Permenter '231-2
Rebecca Schill '233-4
Henry Allgeier '235-6
Bulldogs 1Rebecca Schill '231-2
Audrey Permenter '233-4
Blake Brown '215-6
2Norfolk AcademyNorfolk Academy16Henry Allgeier '231-2
Ali Zaidi '203-4
Lydia Sweeney '215-6
Bulldogs 2Blake Brown '211-2
Lydia Sweeney '213-4
Ali Zaidi '205-6
3PoquosonPoquoson High School26Eleanor Patterson '22
Islanders 1Grace Watlington '22
4Walsingham AcademyWalsingham Academy37Katherine Anna Hamner '22
TrojansIan Howard '231-2
Chris Howe '253-4
Cameron Pellie '215-6
5MauryMaury High School40Davis Mann '231-2,6
Susannah Day '223-4
Chloe Cowan '225
CommodoresConnor McCarty '211-2
Carrie Landman '213-4
Davis Mann '235
Chloe Cowan '226
6Nansemond-Suffolk AcNansemond-Suffolk Academy42Jack Butler '231-2
Carter Lydon '213-6
SaintsKate Moores '241-2
Adam McAninley '233-4
Polly Freel '245-6
*7Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate School43Henry Glover '221-3
Mary Archer Connors '244
Brylie Schaubach '225-6
OaksChristian Callaghan '221-2
Kiana Beachy '243
Annie Trapani '244
Cooper Short '245-6
*8GraftonGrafton High School43Elias Rooker '231
VarsityReilly Warren '211
9PoquosonPoquoson High School44Pate Krieger '22
Islanders 2Langley Amory '22
10Hampton RoadsHampton Roads Academy48Dax Dimuzio '211-2
Cole Frankenhoff '223-6
NavigatorsCaden Sutton '211-4
Dax Dimuzio '215-6
11ChristchurchChristchurch School52Charlie Li '201-2,5-6
Egecan Tezcan '193-4
SeahorsesPeyton Smith '211-2
Mary Esten Brown '213-4
Kennedy Jones '205-6
12Catholic HSCatholic High School71Zack Bromley '211-2,5-6
Gustavo Morales '203-4
CrusadersTyler Kurtz '201-2,5-6
Oliver Hudson '203-4
*Number of high-place (3) finishes
1Tabb sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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