New Orleans Fall Series 1


Friday, September 8:

This was the first race day for the New Orleans Fall Series. Racing was postponed a few minutes as the wind shifted from the West to the South right before the start time. Once racing got underway, the wind was south at about 5 knots and slowly died and clocked to the East. Only one race was completed due to the lack of wind.

Score summary

1Jesuit NOLABlue Jays 211
2Mount Carmel AcademyCUBS22
3Ben FranklinFalcons 633
4Ben FranklinFalcons 544
5Ursuline AcademyLions 155
6Ben FranklinFalcons 466
7Ursuline AcademyLions 477
8Ursuline AcademyLions 288
9Jesuit NOLABlue Jays 199
10Ben FranklinFalcons 31010
11Ursuline AcademyLions 51111
12Ben FranklinFalcons 11212
13Ben FranklinFalcons 21313
14Ursuline AcademyLions 31414