VISA Southside Team Race Series #1


Thursday, September 21:

Six teams from 4 different schools launched at 4pm and began racing at 4:15pm. The wind was a very shifty 8-10 knots, with directions varying from due north to due east. Thanks to the coaches for helping to manage the course, and to Norfolk Academy's extra sailors for manning the finish boat. A complete round robin was completed shortly before 6pm with sailors derigging to live music courtesy of Norfolk Yacht. Congratulations to Norfolk Academy for an undefeated win!

Final Results

1Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs 15/0Sean Trudell '24Sabrina Casagrande '25
James Allgeier '27Addie Lesley '26
Mady McGee '27Marin Soderberg '24
Anna Iacobucci '25
2Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks 14/1Maddie Murphy '25Finian Bohan '27
Cal King '27Tucker Peltier '26
Kiana Beachy '24Emma Horton '25
3Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs 23/2Eliana Mopper '26Owen Peluso '26
Hunter Wheary '24Jack Poynter '25
Margaret Poston '28Amanda Wong '25
4MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores2/3Emily Priest '25Unreported Sailor '19 *
Gabby Cloe '24Charlotte McCoy '24
Tucker McGrady '26Madeline Ballard '25
5Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks 21/4Brandt Adams '28Joshua Ortiz '27
Alex Salzberg '25Ian Scanlon '27
David Martin '26Iro Catravas '25
Grant Fernandez '27Eraj Zaidi '25
Vera Hartz '26
6The HagueThe Hague SchoolTritons0/5Justina Reynolds '24Levi Stillman '25
Nathan Libby '26Nicholas Davis '24
Thomas Bloys '24Charlotte Stillman '23