NWISA Kick Off

Scores for Division B

1The OverlakeThe Overlake School22Alex Demmler '15 *
VarsityNo show
2Unregistered School26
3Catlin GabelCatlin Gabel School28Sean Grealish '17
EaglesElizabeth Diehl '161-21
Kjel Pettenger-Willey '173-41
4Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, OR48Sasha Dierauf '16
CardinalsRebecca Reynolds '17
*5OESOregon Episcopal School52Claire Siegel-Wilson '18
AardvarksSydney Stanion '15
*6North KitsapNorth Kitsap High School52Maddie Ekin '161-2
VarsityAlex Ashley '181-2
7OrcasOrcas High School58Maggie Toombs '18
Vikings 3McCabe Webb '18
8Mercer IslandMercer Island High School69Benji Holen '15
IslandersAudrey Prewitt '16
9OrcasOrcas High School83Wylie Kau '16
Vikings 1William Coe '15
10IngrahamIngraham High School90Margo Watts '18 *1-4
Connor Hughes '155-62
RamsEmma Blumhagen '161-2
Haru Yokota '163-6
**11InterlakeInterlake High School94No show
SaintsNo show
**12BellinghamBellingham High School94Hannah Roy '17
RaidersMaia Ketteridge '171-23
Peyton Nienaber '183-63
13Port Townsend highPort Townsend high School97Mckenzie Ginther '16
Red Hawks 1Bella Lusk '18
b14Garfield High School98Garfield Skipper '18 *
Garfield 2No show
b15Garfield High School98No show
Garfield 1No show
16Oak HarborOak Harbor High School99Austin Hauter '17
WildcatsDylan Angell '18
17WoodinvilleWoodinville High School101Erik Skeel '161-2
Karl Skeel '163-6
FalconsMegan DiDomizio '171-2
Nina Sayed '153-6
18Friday HarborFriday Harbor High School105
Wolverines 1
19SehomeSehome High School112Shea Walker '16
MarinersLauren Whitkopf '181-24
Dylan Patera '193-4
Maia Ketteridge '175-6
20OlympiaOlympia High School118Max Miller '18
BearsAbby Larsen '17
21OrcasOrcas High School124Michael Chesher '17
Vikings 2Kajetan Bullock '18
22Port Townsend highPort Townsend high School128Anda Yoshina '161-2
Red Hawks 2Anchor Jennison '151-2
Jack Gibons '193-4
23AnacortesAnacortes High School131
Hawks 2
24EverettEverett High School132Quinn Roff '15
SeagullsConor Hawkins '19
25SqualicumSqualicum High School133Nicholas Bourlier '163
StormNina Hooper '181-2,5-63
Stephanie Kirker '183-43
26WilsonWilson High School135
27Friday HarborFriday Harbor High School145
Wolverines 2
28AnacortesAnacortes High School147
Hawks 1
29Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High School149Lina Fowler '181,3,5
Matt Dublynn '182
Isabelle Wheeler '174,6
Cougars 1Matt Dublynn '181
Lina Fowler '182,4,6
Isabelle Wheeler '173,5
30Port AngelesPort Angeles High School151Sierra Hunter '19
RoughridersMakena Merideth '19
31STEMNikola Tesla STEM High School156Isaac Perrin '18
EngineersMarius Repede '18
**32OlympicOlympic High School158Reece Duitsman '181,3,55
Carson Short '192,4,65
VarsityCarson Short '191,3,55
Reece Duitsman '182,4,65
**33BallardBallard High School158Grant Barton '16
VarsityReya Fore '181-2
Max Buchanan '18 *3-4
34Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High School185Isabelle Wheeler '171
Matt Dublynn '182-6
Cougars 2David Riedel '18
*Number of high-place (3) finishes
**Head-to-head tiebreaker
bNumber of high-place (2) finishes
1Wilsonville sailor
2Woodinville sailor
3Sehome sailor
4Bellingham sailor
5Klahowya Secondary sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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