LMSS Team Race


Saturday, May 2:

Six teams competed one full round robin and a second partial round robin at the LMSS Team Race event.

After a 45 minute postponement ashore, a southerly breeze of 3-6 knots filled in near MYC's Lighthouse Island. The first race was started at 10:45 and continued until racing was abandoned for the day at 3:30 due to insufficient wind. Around noon the wind peaked at 8-10 from the SSE.

Thank you to all the teams and coaches for facilitating quick rotations to keep the regatta moving along, as well as all of the Minnetonka High School parents who volunteered their time.

Sunday, May 3:

Racing abandoned at 1300hrs due to insufficient winds.

Final Results

1MinnetonkaMinnetonka High SchoolSkippers 18-1Jack Bitney '15Ashley Huynh '15
Belle Loosbrock '15Kendall VanHorne '15
Lily Loosbrock '17Ally Frank '16
2MinnetonkaMinnetonka High SchoolSkippers 27-2Alec McKee '15India Nelson '16
Conrad (Cort) Vandlik '17Berette McNaught '16
Austin Haag '16Jamie Bongard '15
3WayzataWayzata High SchoolBlue6-3Jackson Connell '17McKenna Miller '16
Charlie Hicks '16Brianna Misk '17
Alex Honke '16Anna Brew '17
4Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior High SchoolVarsity4-5Jason Davis '17Lochlan Anders-MacLeod '17
Michael Stone '15Susie Voltz '15
Luc Mainguy '15Kaj Anders-MacLeod '15
5Benilde St MargaretsBenilde St MargaretsVarsity2-7Maggie Houtz '15Tim Zaccaro '15
Carolina Jimenez '17Liam Long '17
Joey Simpson '17Caroline Murphy '18
Adrienne Williams '15
Erin Patton '17
6ChanhassenChanhassen High SchoolVarsity0-9Ryan Bohara '18Michael Donadio '17
Jordan Leines '15Harry Penner '17
Dane Pedersen '15Angela Peterson '15