NWISA Team Race JV


Saturday, May 2:

The NWISA DISTRICT JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM RACE CHAMPIONSHIP was hosted by Sail Sand Point on a perfect team race weekend. Moderate temperature and for the most part solid wind. Regular oscillations kept the sailors on their toes but not so big that any major course changes slowed the progress of the round robins. The wind speed varied from 3 to 12 knots building through the day both days.

Sunday, May 3:

The JV course was kept short to facilitate an optimistic goal that was achieved at the 1500 hr last warning time limit on Sunday of 90 races. The race times were from a short seven minutes to a long of 15. The coordination of the teams, coaches, dockmaster, and the start boat kept races going constantly with seldom less than 12 of the 18 boats on the water all day. The less experienced teams were treated to an unprecedented weekend of just plain team race. They did not have to fight fickle light or daunting high winds and the smiles were all there at the end. They got to concentrate on team race strategy and tactics.

Final Results

1BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolBlue18/0Caelan Juckniess '16Kathryn Smith '17
Lucas Burzycki '15Harrison Saliba '17
Arianna Fiore '21Sophia Kasper '18
Sophie Crandell '18
2WilsonWilson High SchoolTrojans15/3Kendall Kracke '15Monika Kovacs '15
3BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolGold14/4Elizabeth Rolfes '17Zachary Mellin '16
Zachary Mellin '16Elizabeth Rolfes '17
Cole Garthwaite '16Francine Brownell '15
Francine Brownell '15Christoph Webber '18
Karl Anderson '16Cole Garthwaite '16
Christoph Webber '18Karl Anderson '16
4OrcasOrcas High SchoolVikings13/5Dominick Wareham '19McCabe Webb '18
Michael Chesher '17Ronan Rankin '19
Maggie Toombs '18William Coe '15
*5IngrahamIngraham High SchoolRams8/10Avery Fulford '17Marijke Jorna '16 *
Joe Ubelhart '17 *Max Kauffman '18
Margot Watts '19 *Kendall Butler '18
**6OlympicOlympic High SchoolTrojans8/10
7BallardBallard High SchoolBeavers6/12Shaan Shridhar '15 *Yumi Shridhar '16 *
Isaac Perrin '17 *Chris Holt '17 *
Margaux Currie '15Reilly Hearne '17 *
8Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High SchoolCougars4/14Evan Lund '15Everett Thompson '19
Keven Garrett '15Tyler Nolasco '19
Niko Twilla '18Alex Hosier '17
Matt Dublynn '18David Riedel '18
Isabelle Wheeler '17Dylan Diefendorf '16
Matt Dublynn '18
9BellinghamBellingham High SchoolRaiders3/15Hannah Roy '17Sophia Carpenter '17
Chase Travers '17Lauren Whitkopf '18
Connor McGreevy '16 *Maia Ketteridge '17 *
10GarfieldGarfield High SchoolBulldogs1/17
*Total points scored when tied teams met (20)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (22)