TC St. Francis Regatta


Saturday, May 9:

We had light/moderate North winds. Completed all of our first rounds races, reseeded and moved on to a Championship bracket.

Sunday, May 10:

Happy Mother's Day. Awesome day team racing on Boardman Lake in Traverse City, MI. Congratulations to Loyola.

Final Results

1Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolGPS Blue Devil White5-0Charlie Francis '17Katherine Kunhlein '16
Jacob Orhan '18Patrick McKeever '18
Liam Walz '17Philip Peck '18
Dan Van Hove '17
2Cranbrook KingswoodCranbrook KingswoodNew Zealand4-1Allison Glover '17Celine Chou '17
Grant Glover '15Lexi Dietz '17
Hattie Garratt '17Lizzie Balsam '18
Carsten Ritter '17Jimmy Chen '18
Kait Alvord '16
*3St. Francis  TraversSt. Francis High School Traverse CitySt Francis Gladiator2-3Katherine Clulo '18Sophia Elkhart '18
Nick Julien '15Declan Shannon '15
MaryFrances Myler '18Jamie McClellan '17
**4Detroit Country DayDetroit Country Day SchoolGumdrop Mountain2-3Aidan Darby '16Luay Jawad '16
Connagh Rowley '18Christopher Gilmer-Hill '18
Derek Yi '15Grant Anusbigian '17
Christopher Soo '18
Nick Wachol '19
b5East Grand RapidsEast Grand RapidsVarsity One2-3
6Detroit Country DayDetroit Country Day SchoolPeppermint Forest0-5Alexandra Soo '18Brian Liu '18
Brian Liu '18Gaspard Mosquet '19
Jacob Mackey '17Veronica Agne '15
Vishnu Venkatesan '16Brittany Rivera '15
*Total points scored when tied teams met (19)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (21)
bTotal points scored when tied teams met (23)