Island Cup - SILVER


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 1999922
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 210010088
BallardBallard Beavers221616
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides88164164
KingstonKingston Kraken165165100100
LakesideLakeside Lions77165165
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals16164444
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish1641644545
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 144449898
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 2454599
OlympiaOlympia Bears 198986262
OlympiaOlympia Bears 29977
Port TownsendPort Townsend Redhawks62625555
SehomeSehome Mariners55559999

B Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 110010088
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 2221616
BallardBallard Beavers88164164
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides16164444
KingstonKingston Kraken999922
LakesideLakeside Lions55559999
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals1641644545
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish44449898
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 1454599
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 298986262
OlympiaOlympia Bears 19977
OlympiaOlympia Bears 262625555
Port TownsendPort Townsend Redhawks77165165
SehomeSehome Mariners165165100100