2023 Baker National Championship


Saturday, May 20:

Because the forecast for Sunday made it questionable whether any sailing would be possible on Sunday, the race officials agreed that it was a priority to make sure that Saturday’s racing ended at a point where a champion could be determined if no racing were to take place Sunday.

Throughout the day, the goal was to complete an entire 66-race Qualifying Round on Saturday, which would have left a possibility to do Championship, Silver, and Bronze rounds on Sunday, but also would have provided a fair ranking of all teams if no further racing were to be possible.

However, at 4 p.m., the PRO, Chief Umpire, and ISSA reps met to evaluate the options. At this point, 35 more races would have been needed to complete the Qualifying Round. In consultation with individuals with local weather knowledge, the race officials deemed that it was doubtful whether this could be accomplished before either the wind or the daylight gave out.

The Sailing Instructions specified that if completing the entire Qualifying Round within the allotted time is deemed unmanageable, then the regatta would proceed based on the two-division round robin that had been completed in the first thirty races. Based on this, the decision was made to follow Sailing Instruction and shift gears to complete a double round-robin Final Four of the top two teams from each division. This was completed at 7:20 p.m. A total of 42 races was completed Saturday, and the wind was dying as sailors came in from the final race.

Congratulations to the Severn School, the 2023 National Team Racing Champions, who were undefeated throughout today's racing. Second place was Mater Dei; the Hotchkiss School came in third and, Brunswick finished fourth.

Under this format option, the Sailing Instructions specify that “if time allows, additional round robins may be sailed to determine places 5-8 and 9-12.” These races are planned for Sunday if the weather allows.

5th - 12th place teams will rig at 8:30 Sunday and meet at 9:00. 1st - 4th should arrive by 11:00 for lunch and awards.

Sunday, May 21:

A full round robin of the 5th - 12th teams was planned and sailors waited patiently but conditions did not fill in. Racing was abandoned at 12:15pm. Congratulations to The Severn School.

Official Final Results:

Top Four: 1. Severn School 2. Mater Dei 3. The Hotchkiss School 4. Brunswick School

Division A: 3. San Marcos 4. Roosevelt High School 5. Lake Forest High School 6. Antilles School

Division B: 3. Ransom Everglades 4. Saint Ignatius 5. Clear Falls 6. Archbishop Spalding

Thank you to Race Committee, Umpires, LMSS staff and volunteers.

PRO: Darcy Cook Chief Umpire: Don Becker ISSA President: Tim Hogan MISSA President: Ted Anderson MISSA/ISSA Liaison: Sharon Garber Regatta Chair: Jess Haverstock

Final Results

1SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals11/0Thomas Sitzmann '23Scarlett Harris '24
Robby Meek '23Helena English '24
Kyle Reinecke '23Jed Lory '23
Reese Corckran '24
Lilly Baker '23
2Mater DeiMater Dei High SchoolMONARCHS8/3Morgan Pinckney '23Vera Allen '23
Reade Decker '23Hannah Crompton '26
Chase Decker '24Ashtyn Tierney '24
3The HotchkissThe Hotchkiss SchoolBearcats6/5Fynn Olsen '25Kate Moran '23
Samara Walshe '25Lucy Jervis '23
Pierce Olsen '25Phoebe Hackett '24
Cal Kinnear '25Miranda Beitel '25
Thomas O'Grady '26
4BrunswickBrunswick SchoolBruins5/6Thomas Whidden '24Greer Sconzo '23
Robert Ulmer '24Alex Ohls '24
Ben Sheppard '23Henry Ginnel '26 *
Freddie Parkin '25Christian Yanotti '25
5Ransom EvergladesRansom Everglades SchoolRaiders3/2Griggs Diemar '25Violet Martin '24
Ian Fox '24Evelyn Yu '24
Jackson McAliley '23Christine Keedy-Brown '24
Manolo Campos '25
*6San MarcosSan Marcos High SchoolKnights2/3Blake Behrens '23Teo Lee '26
Zoey Ziskind '23Hope Campbell '24
Carly Kieding '25Catalina Matlock-Klein '24
**7St. Ignatius (IL)Saint Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, ILWolfpack2/3Avery Baldwin '25Aidan Kiergan '23
Jack Duffy '23Whitney Koif '23
Peter Barnard '23Sofia Sandoval '25
**7RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolRough Riders2/3Jacob Posner '25Levi Bailey '24
Owen Thomas '23Solomon Lucero '25
Oliver Nairn '23William Layton '25
*9Lake ForestLake Forest High SchoolScouts1/4Charlie Gish '24Maddie Rode '26
Tristan McDonald '24Josie Janowicz '23
Owen Kohut '25Mary Carter '24
**10Clear FallsClear Falls High SchoolKnights1/4Ava Anderson '23Kailey Warrior '23
Hamilton Barclay '23Blake Polsen '25
Ewan Dossin '26Ben Vickers '25
**10AntillesAntilles SchoolHurricanes1/4Andy Yu '23Katherine Majette '23
Winn Majette '23Caitlin Briggs '23
Tanner Krygsveld '25Alexis Young '23
12Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop SpaldingCavaliers0/5Hugh Carty '23Christina Pierce '25
Owen MacWilliams '24Madeline Washburn '23
Parker Herman '24Taylor Collison '24
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Tie stands