MISSA Baker Qualifier


Saturday, May 6:

Saturday saw light and lumpy conditions. Rarely did we see over 10kts and occasionally we were delayed because of light winds.

45 races were completed for the full round robin. There was one breakdown redress granted to Troy in race 43 that will be re-sailed first thing Sunday morning.

Big thank you to the Corders running the Race Committee boat, Mike Kaspar & his team of 6 Umpires, and Keegan Chatburn for running the Finish Boat.

Sunday, May 7:

Sunday's forecast proved to be worse than reality. However, light winds still plagued the day. A format of a round robin between 3rd-8th place was decided upon by the CHUMP, PRO & MISSA to decide who would earn 3rd & 4th spots for N.I.T.

We completed the re-sail of race 43 and made our way through 11 of the 15 races of the new round robin. Unfortunately the wind faded to nothing and we did not complete the round robin, rendering it uncountable. The PRO and OA kept the teams ready to sail until the cutoff time of 1600.

The scores from the 1st full round robin on Saturday are the entirety of the regatta scores. Congratulations to New Trier & Grosse Pointe South for qualifying for the ISSA Team Race Invitational, and to St. Ignatius and Lake Forest High School for earning berths to Baker Nationals.

Final Results

1Lake ForestLake Forest High SchoolScouts9/0Charlie Gish '24Maddie Rode '26
Henry Scholz '23Mary Carter '24
Tristan McDonald '24Josie Janowicz '23
Owen Kohut '25Jackson Schwartz '25
2St. Ignatius (IL)Saint Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, ILWolfpack8/1Avery Baldwin '25Aidan Kiergan '23
Jack Duffy '23Whitney Koif '23
Peter Barnard '23Sofia Sandoval '25
3New Trier HSNew Trier HSTrevian6/3Aiala Angueira Salbidegoitia '26Mallory Dieball '24
Nathan Finkelstein '26Bennett Waters '26
Izzy Rietz '23Lucy Elvart '24
*4Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolBlue Devils5/4Gavin Webster '24Colin Hexter '23
Eric Brieden '24Charlie Gmeiner '23
Jack Riley '25Peter Horst '26
Braden Vogel '23Eric Brieden '24
Jack Riley '25
**5MinnetonkaMinnetonka High SchoolSkippers5/4Jacob Zils '23Lucy Zinn '24
Marley Barrett '23Sophia Sigel '24
Evelyn Engebretson '24Amelia Sulciner '24
Ana Stewart '23
6West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High SchoolLakers Varsity4/5Vinny Paliga '24Ian Phipps '25
Brent Armstrong '25Dorian Ferguson '26
Liam Gilin '25Alex Wszolek '25
Jack Armstrong '25
*7Latin  of ChicagoLatin School of ChicagoRomans3/6Domenic Sacchetti '23Laine Reshefsky '24
Christian Prendergast '24Maya Mahoney '23
Emery Sularz '25Emery Sularz '25
Timothy Hesse '23Oliver Gray '25
**8U Chicago LaboratoryUniversity of Chicago Laboratory SchoolsMaroons3/6Elizabeth Frost '23Lydia Frost '25
Bryan Pan '23Illana Umanskiy '25
David Ren '24Amy Ren '23
9TroyTroy High SchoolTroy1/8Monika Torkos '23Clara Le Moal '24
Rodrigo Flores '24Jacob Ritter '24
Nicole Torkos '25Teddy Mayotte '25
Lucia Sharp '25
Lucia Sharp '25 *
10North  (WI)Sheboygan North High School (WI)Raiders1/8Frank Ribich '26Finn Leismer '24
Owen Smith '24Harsshitha Balachander '23
Nat Green '24 *Jake Leismer '24
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)