NWISA Open Team Race Champs


Saturday, May 20:

We began the day with a light southerly that died out several times and delayed racing. The race committee did a great job quickly getting races off when there was enough wind for sailing. The forecasted north easterly filled in around 3 pm and eventually built to 8 kts, allowing the completion of 36 races by 6 pm.

Sunday, May 21:

Racing started around 0940 this morning with a 4-6 kt south easterly breeze that remained fairly steady throughout the day, allowing us to complete the first round robin and a championship/consolation round. There was a 5 team tie for second place going into the championship round, so we had a top 6 championship and bottom 4 consolation round, for a weekend total of 66 races. The race committee commented on how polite and appreciative the sailors were!

Final Results

1BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans11/3Beto Torres '24Fin Vitale '25
Cascade Kaseler '26Maura Bascom '24
Joseph Tappen '25Stella Saleh '26
Alexander Turloff '24Nick Heinzelman '24
Owen Burnett '24Sharkey Mckay '24
Adam Turloff '24Cascade Kaseler '26
Nelson Dorsey '26Suraj Siddaiah '26
Nelson Dorsey '26
Joseph Tappen '25
2RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolRough Riders10/4Nathan Koliha '25Paige McAllister '26
Lucien Freemesser '23 *Liam Boettcher '25
Ellie Blakemore '23 *Khalil Wilkinson '24
Noelani Li '26Calvin Hou '25
Roan Olson '25Nathan Koliha '25
Lucien Freemesser '23 *Ellie Blakemore '23 *
Liam Boettcher '25
Anna Cezik '26
3BallardBallard High SchoolBeavers9/5Francesca Dougherty '25Esther Goodell '23
Zev Fort '25Mia McNabb '24
Arden Rathopf '23Simone Ford '24
Nathan Pease '25 *Ella Reed '24
Phoebe Howe '24
Zev Fort '25
*4BellarmineBellarmine Preparatory SchoolLions8/6Corinne Harrison '23Agatha Pape '26
Hannah Welch '25Hannah Welch '25
Logan Bugenig '23Aspen Merrill '25
Brent Hu '25Genevieve Davis '26
**5OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears8/6Esther Ireland '25Fiona Tang '25
Alijah Manzanares '25Helena Pershall '26
Liam Taylor '25Nolan O'Connell '26
Nolan O'Connell '26Caleigh Mingay '25
Cate Griffith '27
Ryan Solie '25
6Port TownsendPort Townsend High SchoolRedhawks7/7Lhotse Rowell '24Ava Butterfield '24
Ocean Smith '24Hazel Windstorm '24
Zia Magill '24Luca Campbell '24
Noah Holly '24Panya Cao '24
7AnacortesAnacortes High SchoolSeahawks5/7Aeden Peterson '25Michael Tabor '25
Allison Lehmann '26Colton Hong '26
Will Peters '25Cadence Smith '25
Bradyn Rueb '24
8Oak HarborOak Harbor High SchoolWildcats4/8Anna Servatius '24Allison Bailey '23
Colin Byler '24Julian Becker '26
Hannah Ellis '24Cadence Smith '25
Noah Ellis '26Callie Carlson '24
Grant Nienhuis '26Grant Nienhuis '26
Noah Ellis '26
9Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High SchoolCougars3/9Elijah Dekker '26Tanaya Justice '25
Keller Matthews '26Ian Anthony '27
Elsa Bischoff '26Amber Faragalli '26
Tanaya Justice '25
Robin Jenkin '25
Avery Lawley '25
Robin Jenkin '25
Maya Zander '26
Logan Duthie '25
10Gig HarborGig Harbor High SchoolTides1/11Matthew Embick '23Genie Greenfield '26
Logan Bugenig '23Skylar Vasko '26
Oona Lacey '27Matthew Embick '23
William Embick '26Annalise Landy '27
Tru Jackson '27Tru Jackson '27
Oona Lacey '27
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)