Linda Juliano Girls TR Tourney '24


Saturday, May 4:

A great clinic day. After some chalk-talk, the women coaches led some excellent drills on the water and on land.

Thanks to the Wellesley Sailing Club for hosting and serving a great breakfast and lunch, and for helping with logistics as needed.

Sunday, May 5:

After a great clinic on Saturday, a lot of excellent races were run on Sunday. Teams were split into 2 - 5 team round robins. Then the top teams raced other top teams they had not yet met.

Light rain came in for short periods, but winds were steady most of the day (uncommon for Lake Cochituate).

Thanks to Bruce Baltz and his sailors for helping host, and to the Wellesley Sailing Club parents for bringing breakfast and lunch, and to all of the teams for a great day filled with good spirits and good sportsmanship. And a special thanks to our guest coaches and umpires.

Final Results

1HinghamHingham High SchoolHarborwomen6/1Julia Scipione '25Madeleine Accettella '26
Sara Menesale '24Ellie Smith '24
Caroline O'hara '25Audrey Smith '26
2WellesleyWellesley High SchoolRaiders5/1Kaitlin Hynes '25Kathleen Gallico '25
Isabelle de Fontaine '24Avery Thornton '24
Sophie Balter '24Nina Lowe '25
3WinchesterWinchester High SchoolSachems Women4/2Ashton Marnik '26Audra Murray '24
Karenna Marnik '24Skyler Marnik '25
Mer Procops '26
4SharonSharon High SchoolEagles4/3Chloe Chung '25Susanna Bie '25
Sage Kamocsay '25Sanjana Jadhav '25
Sarah Xu '26Ashika Reddy '26
Rachel Wen '27Namitha Devulapalli '25
*5Boston LatinBoston Latin SchoolWolfpack3/3Dory Russell '24Adriana Passacantilli '24 *
Ava MacKinnon '26Anna Kriscenski '24 *
Kristina Kenneally '27 *Mary Lee '25
**6Beaver Country DayBeaver Country Day SchoolBeavers3/3Kaileigh Ferrero '26Addie Marsh '28
Elinor Grant '27Ruby Nielsen '27
Gracie Goodman '27Ruby Richmond '27
**6BB&NBB&N - Buckingham Browne and NicholsKnights3/3Caroline Jiang '24Katelyn Zhu '24
Alexandra Adams '24Diba Demir '25
Scarlett Chan MacRae '26Isabella Zhu '24
8Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSAMBL 22/4Unregskip 2 '23 *Abby Goldman '26
Chloe Malek '26Chloe Sperry '25
Kate Morris '27Francesca Grossetti '27
9Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSAMBL 12/5Abigail Weekly '27 *Alma Bewsher '24 *
Eloise M '24 *Frances 420sailor '24 *
Kate Capporino '25 *Mairead Ferrie '24 *
10Lincoln Sudbury RegiLincoln Sudbury RHSWarriors0/7Unregskip 2 '23 *Unregcrew 2 '24 *
No One '24 *No One '26 *
Mystery Skipper '17 *Mystery Crew '18 *
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Tie stands