Open Team Race Qualifier Leschi


Saturday, April 20:

The first day of the Open Team Race Qualifier began with intense competition amidst shifty breeze, challenging sailors to adapt swiftly. The wind was between 7 and 10 kts oscillating between the South and Southwest when suddenly a 35kt squall blew through the racecourse. Racing was suspended at 3:30 PM due to that squall, ensuring safety but leaving anticipation high for the next day's events.

Sunday, April 21:

Sunday at the Open Team Race Qualifier brought consistent breeze, averaging 9-12 knots from the south, though punctuated by significant oscillations to the east and west. Despite the challenging conditions, a full round-robin was completed. Additionally, a top 4 bottom 4 round-robin format was successfully executed, further testing the competitors' tactical prowess. The day concluded with a sense of accomplishment as all scheduled races were completed.

Final Results

1Lynwood High SchoolLynwood9/1Nathan Pease '24 *Mia McNabb '24
Hadley Carscaddon '26Eloise Hererra '27
Max Hanson '25Phoebe Karp '26
2IngrahamIngraham High SchoolRams8/2Zev Fort '25Oliver Laskowski '26
Francesca Dougherty '25Phoebe Howe '24
Lydia Carscaddon '26Simone Ford '24
Lydia Carscaddon '26 *
*3RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolRough Riders5/5Roan Olson '25Alan Brennan '25
William Layton '25Cole Rolland-LeTourneau '24
Maia Dock '24Aleksander Reiter '26 *
Hao-ran Hsu '27 *Hao-ran Hsu '27 *
Nathan Koliha '26 *William Layton '25
Ethan Lee '28 *
**4OrcasOrcas High SchoolVikings4/6Lola Walker '26June Bernhardt '28
Emmett Beadnall '27Leo Battles '28
Soren O'Connell '26Theo Johnson '27
Robbie Key '27
b5OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears6/4Levi Morse '24Yoon-Soo Ban '25
Aidan Budelman '25Faye Hervieux '26
Cameron Leclair '27Alden Visser '27
Alex Weed '26Olivia Tuttle '28
Brolin Boelts '26
6BellinghamBellingham High SchoolBayhawks5/5Avery O'Donnell '26Emma Moore '25
Max Day '26Tristan Haines '26
Dagny Kruger '25Sofia Brown Patricio '24 *
7CapitalCapital High SchoolCougars2/8Siri Biswas '28Faye Hervieux '26
Adi Vannice '28Olivia Tuttle '28
Alex Weed '26Seher Kasmani '27
Yoon-Soo Ban '25Lucy Buikema '28
Brolin Boelts '26
8Lincoln High School - Seattle WALincoln - Seattle W1/9Mazama Martin '26Bowie Edebohls '24
Evan Yeung '27Sophia Marlow '23
Beckett Slinger '26Olin Brinkley '27
*Round Robin Tie Broken in accordance with the rules. Ranked 3 exiting the Round Robin
**Round Robin Tie Broken in accordance with the rules. Ranked 4 exiting the Round Robin
bRound Robin Tie Broken in accordance with the rules. Ranked 5 exiting the Round Robin