Coast Guard City Classic Regatta

Scores for Division A

1Spring LakeSpring Lake High School13Noah Wolters '19
GreyCharlie Navarre '21
2Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High School26Christiana Scheibner '19
BlueCarly Orhan '19
3Spring LakeSpring Lake High School35Ryan Peterson '20
Black MixedSarah Colvin '23
4Spring LakeSpring Lake High School38Zoe Czadzeck '20
RedGrace Kucharski '19
5Grand HavenGrand Haven High School44Jacopo Gioanina '18
GH Gold MixedNoah Merriman '18
*6East Grand RapidsEast Grand Rapids45Murphy Wynsma '19
EGR VarsityAnnika Lampen '21
*7West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High School45Jack Bull '19
WB GreenJake Elsen '21
8Grand HavenGrand Haven High School46Anna Biondi '18
GH BlueBischoff Pauline '18
9East Grand RapidsEast Grand Rapids47Ben Lilly '18
EGR Sailing PioneersRegan Pitts '18
10East Grand RapidsEast Grand Rapids50JC LaCerda '22
JV MixedMady Allen '211-2,5-6
Ella Donnelly '213-4
11Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High School65Ashley Strong '20
WhiteFritz Woerner '20
12Black River PublicBlack River Public School66Duncan Elmer '21
MixedAlden Gort '22
13Culver AcademiesCulver Academies75Samantha Bialek '20
Eagles maroonCady Clark '20
14Grosse Pointe NorthGrosse Pointe North High School78Adam Weinkauf '18
NorsemenJohn Godoshian '181-2
Shay Gualdoni '213-4
McLellan '195-6
15Culver AcademiesCulver Academies82Evelyn Fruitkin '201-2
Elizabeth Flanagan '203-6
Eagles whiteCrawford Frutkin '191-2
Grace Stanish '203-6
16Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High School83Jacob Schaupeter '21
GoldRyan Hexter '21
17West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High School88Caleb Lewinski '181
MIXEDRyan Patterson '192
18Brother Rice (MI)Brother Rice/Marian High School - MI103Madison Paulus '20
Warrior Orange-mixedEmily Anschuetz '19
19Brother Rice (MI)Brother Rice/Marian High School - MI112Lauren Scolari '20
Warrior BlackBriana Licari '17
*Number of high-place (1) finishes
1West Highland Christ sailor
2Bloomfield Hills sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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