NESSA Single Handed Championship (Healy) - Radial


Remain in initially assigned boat throughout.

A Division

BrunswickBrunswick Leyton Borcherding '2111111111111
Fairfield PrepFairfield Prep Jamie Paul '2022222222222
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Catherine Morrissette '2033333333333
Greenwich AcademyGreenwich Academy Sofia Debs '2444444444444
Moses BrownMoses Brown Aili Moffet '1955555555555
Portsmouth AbbeyPortsmouth Abbey Alex Adams '2266666666666
RogersRogers Colin McCabe '2077777777777
The HotchkissThe Hotchkiss John Eastman '2088888888888
The HotchkissThe Hotchkiss Chapman Petersen '2299999999999