ZZ Trophy Regatta


Saturday, October 6:

Thank you to all of the teams for attending the ZZ Trophy Regatta, we had 13 boats participating.

The weather today was overcast after rain passed in early morning. As boats were leaving the harbor, the wind was out of the West at 5 knots, with oscillations to the right. As the last boat left the harbor, a breeze line shifted the wind to the North. The first race began shortly thereafter and the wind quickly picked up to about 15 knots. There were a number of boats that could not handle the new breeze, so sailing was cancelled after the first race.

I also have to thank Ryan Henderson and Lilly Allen for doing race committee, and Mitch Lee and Megan Bartley for coaching the regatta.

Zac Hernandez

Score summary

1Loyola AcademyLadyz11
2Loyola AcademyGold22
4Beacon AcademyGreen44
5Loyola AcademyBlack55
6Evanston Township HSWildkits66
*7Beacon AcademyGrey1414
*8Evanston Township HSBlue1414
*9Evanston Township HSLadyz1414
*10Evanston Township HSOrange1414
*11Loyola AcademyMaroon1414
*12Loyola AcademyMixed1414