MDISA Season Opener


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers1133557
Bethesda - Chevy ChaBethesda - Chevy Cha Battlin' Baron7799111113
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins2244668
Georgetown Day Georgetown Day881010121214
Gilman Gilman99111113131
Great MillsGreat Mills Hornets3355779
Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High Raiders44668810
SevernSevern Admirals141422446
South RiverSouth River Seahawks55779911
St. Mary's RykenSt. Mary's Ryken Knights6688101012
TowsonTowson Generals1010121214142
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates12121414224
Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman Varsity11111313113
YorktownYorktown Patriots131311335

B Division

Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers2244666
Bethesda - Chevy ChaBethesda - Chevy Cha Battlin' Baron881010121212
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins3355777
Georgetown Day Georgetown Day991111131313
Gilman Gilman10101212141414
Great MillsGreat Mills Hornets4466888
Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High Raiders5577999
SevernSevern Admirals1133555
South RiverSouth River Seahawks6688101010
St. Mary's RykenSt. Mary's Ryken Knights7799111111
TowsonTowson Generals11111313111
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates131311333
Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman Varsity12121414222
YorktownYorktown Patriots141422444