MDISA Team Qualifier


Saturday, October 26:

Despite originally scheduling two days of racing, the relevant coaches of the six teams decided during the preceding week to commit to a single day event. A light and variable east wind greeted RC as they set the course, and slowly worked through races. Although two round robins had been anticipated, the occasional dead zones and long swap times limited the day to only one round of 15 races. Fortunately, this was enough to decisively select the five teams to advance to the MASSA Team Race Championship next weekend. Congratulations to those moving on, and we will hope for greater league participation in the coming spring!

Final Results

1SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals5/0Mariner Fagan '20Ryan Wahba '20
Sam Bruce '20Addi Harris '20
Jordan Bruce '20Raam Fox '22
Owen Hennessey '21Rees Tindall '21
Madeline Hawkins '20
2Bethesda - Chevy ChaBethesda - Chevy Chase HSBattlin' Baron4/1Nick Budington '21Liam Gronda '21
Matt Budington '21Ryan Tatelbaum '21
Friso Grolleman '20Anna Grolleman '22
3Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High SchoolRaiders3/2Daniel Unangst '20Steven Twemlow '20
Tyler Egeli '20Julia Marino '20
Audrey Commerford '21Makenna Labor '21
4Great MillsGreat Mills High SchoolHornets2/3Olivia Sowa '20Braedon Myers '20
Lucy Paskoff '20Jonathan Stevenson '23
Lochlann Ludwig '21Clare Greenwell '22
5Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop SpaldingCavaliers1/4Anna Groszkowski '22Ty Ryan '22
Ava Farley '22Joaquin Marquez '21
Griffin Richardson '21Claire Woynerowski '22
6BroadneckBroadneck High SchoolBruins0/5Morgan Carew '21Will Harding '22
Jon Weed '22Lily Newman '21
Josh Becker '20Emilie Orendorff '22