Sea Otter Regatta - Silver


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AlbanyAlbany Varsity313133333535
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets333335353737
Bishop O'DowdBishop O'Dowd Varsity343436363838
CarmelCarmel Padres353537373939
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs363638384040
CoronadoCoronado Nado373739394141
Design TechDesign Tech 1383840404242
Design TechDesign Tech 2393941414343
El CerritoEl Cerrito Varsity404042424444
Head RoyceHead Royce Jayhawks414143434545
InternationalInternational Jaguars424244444646
Lick-WilmerdingLick-Wilmerding Tigers434345454747
Los GatosLos Gatos Wildcats454547474949
Marin AcademyMarin Academy Wildcats 1464648485050
Marin AcademyMarin Academy Wildcats 2474749495151
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs484850505252
MontereyMonterey Toreadores494951515353
New West CharterNew West Charter Eagles505052525454
Oaks ChristianOaks Christian Lions515153535555
Pacific CollegiatePacific Collegiate Varsity525254545656
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings535355555757
PiedmontPiedmont Varsity545456565858
RedwoodRedwood Giants555557575959
SF University HSSF University HS Red Devils565658586060
San Pedro Pirates575759596161
Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Math Ryūjin Dragon444446464848
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats585860606262
StevensonStevenson Pirates595961616363
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks606062623131
The AthenianThe Athenian Owls323234343636
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers 1616163633232
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers 2626231313333
The UrbanThe Urban Blues636332323434

B Division

AlbanyAlbany Varsity323234343636
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets343436363838
Bishop O'DowdBishop O'Dowd Varsity353537373939
CarmelCarmel Padres363638384040
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs373739394141
CoronadoCoronado Nado383840404242
Design TechDesign Tech 1393941414343
Design TechDesign Tech 2404042424444
El CerritoEl Cerrito Varsity414143434545
Head RoyceHead Royce Jayhawks424244444646
InternationalInternational Jaguars434345454747
Lick-WilmerdingLick-Wilmerding Tigers444446464848
Los GatosLos Gatos Wildcats464648485050
Marin AcademyMarin Academy Wildcats 1474749495151
Marin AcademyMarin Academy Wildcats 2484850505252
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs494951515353
MontereyMonterey Toreadores505052525454
New West CharterNew West Charter Eagles515153535555
Oaks ChristianOaks Christian Lions525254545656
Pacific CollegiatePacific Collegiate Varsity535355555757
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings545456565858
PiedmontPiedmont Varsity555557575959
RedwoodRedwood Giants565658586060
SF University HSSF University HS Red Devils575759596161
San Pedro Pirates585860606262
Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Math Ryūjin Dragon454547474949
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats595961616363
StevensonStevenson Pirates606062623131
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks616163633232
The AthenianThe Athenian Owls333335353737
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers 1626231313333
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers 2636332323434
The UrbanThe Urban Blues313133333535