Thomas Worthington Invite


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BayBay Varsity668810
BayBay Mixed779911
Beaumont Varsity88101012
Bishop WattersonBishop Watterson Mixed99111113
Indian HillIndian Hill Mixed1010121214
New AlbanyNew Albany Varsity1111131315
New AlbanyNew Albany Mixed1212141416
Olentangy Berlin HSOlentangy Berlin HS Mixed1313151517
OlentangyOlentangy Braves1414161618
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Mascots1515171719
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Patriots1616181820
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Varsity1717191921
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Pioneers1818202022
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange JV1919212124
Rocky RiverRocky River Pirates2020222225
Rocky RiverRocky River Varsity2121242434
Rocky RiverRocky River Mixed2222252535
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Mixed2424343442
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Varsity2525353571
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 134344242121
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 2353571710
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 342421211211
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 47171002
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Cardinals121121114
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Mixed00225
Toledo Technology AcToledo Technology Ac Tigers11446
Westerville NorthWesterville North Varsity22557
Westerville NorthWesterville North Mixed44668
Westerville SouthWesterville South Wildcats55779

B Division

BayBay Varsity779911
BayBay Mixed88101012
Beaumont Varsity99111113
Bishop WattersonBishop Watterson Mixed1010121214
Indian HillIndian Hill Mixed1111131315
New AlbanyNew Albany Varsity1212141416
New AlbanyNew Albany Mixed1313151517
Olentangy Berlin HSOlentangy Berlin HS Mixed1414161618
OlentangyOlentangy Braves1515171719
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Mascots1616181820
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Patriots1717191921
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Varsity1818202022
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Pioneers1919212124
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange JV2020222225
Rocky RiverRocky River Pirates2121242434
Rocky RiverRocky River Varsity2222252535
Rocky RiverRocky River Mixed2424343442
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Mixed2525353571
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Varsity34344242121
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 1353571710
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 242421211211
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 37171002
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats 4121121114
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Cardinals00225
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Mixed11446
Toledo Technology AcToledo Technology Ac Tigers22557
Westerville NorthWesterville North Varsity44668
Westerville NorthWesterville North Mixed55779
Westerville SouthWesterville South Wildcats668810