2021-22 PCISA SoCal 2 Gold

Scores for Division A

1Mater DeiMater Dei High School15Chase Decker '24
MONARCHS 1Ashtyn Tierney '24
2Point LomaPoint Loma High School23Kelly Holhus '23
Pointers 1Jonah Wozniak '25
3Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School28Elsa Wiley '23
Sailors 2Dillion Garcia '23
4Mater DeiMater Dei High School42Tate Christopher '25
MONARCHS 2Vera Allen '23
5Francis ParkerParker43Joey Richardson '24
Parker 2Dominic Ciccimaro '25 *
6CoronadoCoronado Islanders57Isabella Loiselle '24
Nado 1Kristin Hawkin '24
*7Mater DeiMater Dei High School58Caleb Everett '25 *
MONARCHS 5Hannah Crompton '25 *
*8Francis ParkerParker58Ava Gustafson '24
Parker 1Annika Baumgartner '24
9CoronadoCoronado Islanders59Lina Carper '23
Nado 2Stella Taherian '23
10CoronadoCoronado Islanders60Max Olson '24
Nado 3Bjoern Bjoern '24
11Palos VerdesPalos Verdes High School65Tommy Kraak '24
Sea KingsSydney Baker '22
12Mater DeiMater Dei High School71Walter McFarland '25
MONARCHS 3Elizabeth Struve '24
**13Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School77Conrad Cook '25
Sailors 1Kathi Keller '24 *
**14Point LomaPoint Loma High School77Avery Hogue '24
Pointers 2Sam Weisenberg '25
15Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School78Michael Sentovich '26
Sea KingsJulia Getter '26
16Francis ParkerParker79Charlotte Plant '24
Parker 3Noelle Yuen '251-4
Samantha Katz '24 *5-6
17Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Mathematics and Science82Alex Lech '24
Dragons 1Nick Lech '26
18Mater DeiMater Dei High School89Madison Mansour '25 *
MONARCHS 6Morgan Williams '22
19Long Beach WilsonLong Beach Wilson High School108
b20Mater DeiMater Dei High School113Brady Kennedy '25
MONARCHS 4Hampton Tester '25
b21The Bishop'sBishop's School113Ethan Chuang '221,3,5
Henry Nelson '232,4,6
KnightsHenry Nelson '231,3,5
Ethan Chuang '222,4,6
22Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Mathematics and Science118
Dragons 2
*Number of high-place (1) finishes
**Head-to-head tiebreaker
bNumber of high-place (15) finishes

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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