MASSA Gold Fall Team Championship

Ranking summary

1SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals17/194.4
*2ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses13/572.2
**3Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks13/572.2
4Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs10/855.6
5The Stony BrookThe Stony Brook SchoolBears6/1233.3
6Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop SpaldingCavaliers4/1422.2
7Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High SchoolRaiders0/180.0
*Number of races won when tied teams met (3)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)

Round 3

↓ vs →RecordChristchurchLeonardtown HighThe Stony BrookNorfolk AcademySevernNorfolk CollegiateArchbishop Spalding
Christchurch Seahorses5-1XW (1-2-6)W (1-2-6)W (1-2-3)L (2-5-6)W (1-3-4)W (1-2-6)
Leonardtown High Raiders0-6L (3-4-5)XL (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-5-6)
The Stony Brook Bears2-4L (3-4-5)W (1-2-3)XL (2-4-6)L (4-5-6)L (2-4-5)W (1-3-4)
Norfolk Academy Bulldogs3-3L (4-5-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-3-5)XL (2-5-6)L (2-4-6)W (1-2-4)
Severn Admirals6-0W (1-3-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (1-3-4)XW (1-2-3)W (1-2-6)
Norfolk Collegiate Oaks4-2L (2-5-6)W (1-2-3)W (1-3-6)W (1-3-5)L (4-5-6)XW (1-3-4)
Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers1-5L (3-4-5)W (1-2-4)L (2-5-6)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-5)L (2-5-6)X

Round 2

↓ vs →RecordArchbishop SpaldingNorfolk AcademyLeonardtown HighSevernNorfolk CollegiateThe Stony BrookChristchurch
Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers1-5XL (1-4-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-5)L (2-5-6)L (2-5-6)L (2-4-6)
Norfolk Academy Bulldogs3-3W (2-3-5)XW (1-2-6)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (1-5-6)W (1-2-6)
Leonardtown High Raiders0-6L (3-4-6)L (3-4-5)XL (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)
Severn Admirals6-0W (1-2-6)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)XW (1-2-5)W (1-2-4)W (2-3-4)
Norfolk Collegiate Oaks4-2W (1-3-4)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)L (3-4-6)XW (1-2-4)L (2-4-5)
The Stony Brook Bears3-3W (1-3-4)W (2-3-4)W (1-2-4)L (3-5-6)L (3-5-6)XL (3-5-6)
Christchurch Seahorses4-2W (1-3-5)L (3-4-5)W (1-2-5)L (1-5-6)W (1-3-6)W (1-2-4)X

Round 1

↓ vs →RecordThe Stony BrookArchbishop SpaldingSevernNorfolk CollegiateLeonardtown HighChristchurchNorfolk Academy
The Stony Brook Bears1-5XL (2-4-5)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-6)L (2-4-6)
Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers2-4W (1-3-6)XL (3-5-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)L (3-4-6)L (2-4-5)
Severn Admirals5-1W (1-2-5)W (1-2-4)XL (1-5-6)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)
Norfolk Collegiate Oaks5-1W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (2-3-4)XW (1-2-4)L (2-5-6)W (1-2-4)
Leonardtown High Raiders0-6L (3-4-6)L (3-4-6)L (3-5-6)L (3-5-6)XL (2-3-6)L (2-5-6)
Christchurch Seahorses4-2W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)L (4-5-6)W (1-3-4)W (1-4-5)XL (3-4-5)
Norfolk Academy Bulldogs4-2W (1-3-5)W (1-3-6)L (4-5-6)L (3-5-6)W (1-3-4)W (1-2-6)X