NW Women's Qualifier


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BainbridgeBainbridge Spartans82828484
BallardBallard Beavers83838585
BellinghamBellingham Bayhawks 184848686
BellinghamBellingham Bayhawks 285858787
Charles WrightCharles Wright Tarriers86863131
JuanitaJuanita Ravens87873232
KingstonKingston Kraken31313333
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals32323434
OlympiaOlympia Bears 133333535
OlympiaOlympia Bears 234343636
OlympiaOlympia Bears 335353737
SehomeSehome Mariners36368282
The DowntownThe Downtown The Downtown School37378383

B Division

BainbridgeBainbridge Spartans83838585
BallardBallard Beavers84848686
BellinghamBellingham Bayhawks 185858787
BellinghamBellingham Bayhawks 286863131
Charles WrightCharles Wright Tarriers87873232
JuanitaJuanita Ravens31313333
KingstonKingston Kraken32323434
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals33333535
OlympiaOlympia Bears 134343636
OlympiaOlympia Bears 235353737
OlympiaOlympia Bears 336368282
SehomeSehome Mariners37378383
The DowntownThe Downtown The Downtown School82828484