2022 PCISA Anteater Regatta - Gold Fleet


Odd-numbered teams rotate into next boat while even-numbered teams rotate into previous boat (swap) every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights11335577
Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons22323230302828
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 133557799
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 2442232323030
CoronadoCoronado Nado5577991111
Dos PueblosDos Pueblos Chargers6644223232
La Jolla Country DayLa Jolla Country Day Torreys779911111313
Laguna BlancaLaguna Blanca Varsity88664422
LoyolaLoyola Cubs99111113131515
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 11010886644
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 21111131315151717
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 3121210108866
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs1313151517171919
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer 114141212101088
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer 21515171719192121
Newport HarborNewport Harbor Sailors 11616141412121010
Newport HarborNewport Harbor Sailors 21717191921212323
Pacific Palisades Ch Pacific Palisades Ch1818161614141212
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings1919212123232525
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 12020181816161414
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 22121232325252727
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 32222202018181616
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 12323252527272929
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 22424222220201818
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 32525272729293131
RedwoodRedwood Giants2626242422222020
San MarcosSan Marcos Knights 127272929313111
San MarcosSan Marcos Knights 22828262624242222
Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Dons292931311133
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Vikings3030282826262424
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats3131113355
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers3232303028282626

B Division

The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights22446688
Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons11313129292727
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 14466881010
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings 2331131312929
CoronadoCoronado Nado668810101212
Dos PueblosDos Pueblos Chargers5533113131
La Jolla Country DayLa Jolla Country Day Torreys88101012121414
Laguna BlancaLaguna Blanca Varsity77553311
LoyolaLoyola Cubs1010121214141616
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 199775533
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 21212141416161818
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS 31111997755
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs1414161618182020
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer 1131311119977
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer 21616181820202222
Newport HarborNewport Harbor Sailors 115151313111199
Newport HarborNewport Harbor Sailors 21818202022222424
Pacific Palisades Ch Pacific Palisades Ch1717151513131111
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings2020222224242626
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 11919171715151313
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 22222242426262828
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker 32121191917171515
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 12424262628283030
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 22323212119191717
Point LomaPoint Loma Pointers 32626282830303232
RedwoodRedwood Giants2525232321211919
San MarcosSan Marcos Knights 128283030323222
San MarcosSan Marcos Knights 22727252523232121
Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Dons303032322244
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Vikings2929272725252323
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats3232224466
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers3131292927272525