MDISA Gunston Fall '22 Bronze


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

Appoquinimink Jaguars16167788
Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers17172233
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins223344
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 1334455
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 244551616
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 355161677
Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy Ramblers101011111212
McLean Highlanders9910101111
SevernSevern Admirals111112121313
South RiverSouth River Seahawks778899
Southern RegionalSouthern Regional Rams121213131414
Saints Peter & PaulSaints Peter & Paul Sabres131314141515
The Tome Titans141415151717
TowsonTowson Generals88991010
Winston Churchill Bulldogs1515171722

B Division

Appoquinimink Jaguars131314141515
Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers88991010
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins9910101111
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 1101011111212
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 2111112121313
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 3121213131414
Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy Ramblers223344
McLean Highlanders17172233
SevernSevern Admirals334455
South RiverSouth River Seahawks141415151717
Southern RegionalSouthern Regional Rams44551616
Saints Peter & PaulSaints Peter & Paul Sabres55161677
The Tome Titans16167788
TowsonTowson Generals1515171722
Winston Churchill Bulldogs778899