VISA Singlehanded Championship ILCA 6 Radial


Sunday, September 11:

Sailors arrived to the Christchurch School Waterfront at about 10:30-11:00 AM for a 12:00 PM first start. With very little breeze and rain storms passing through the area the decision was made to postpone on land. At about 1:15 the breeze began to fill from the South. Sailors launched for a first gun at 1:45 PM

One race was completed in a shifty southerly.

Race two was called back after the breeze died down and clocked severely left.

After the race course was re-set a second attempt at race two was started. During race two it began to downpour and the breeze quickly jumped up. The decision was made to send all sailors back to shore.

After the rain stop passed though there was not enough wind to send sailors back out.

Score summary

1ChristchurchAlders Kulynych-Irvin '2511
2Norfolk AcademyHenry Allgeier '2322
3ChristchurchRafael "Rafa" De Tomas Pereda '2533
4Hampton RoadsLeila Pfrang '2544
5ChristchurchReid Nelson '2455
6Hampton RoadsPierce Brindley '2466
7PoquosonOlivia Gilmore '2377
8ChristchurchJordan Viera '2488
9GraftonBlake Goodwin '2399
10ChristchurchElliott Lipp '261010