2023 SAISA Fall Open at Columbia Sailing Club


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Ashley HallAshley Hall Panthers4768476822
Ben LippenBen Lippen Gold1133
Ben LippenBen Lippen Green2244
Ben LippenBen Lippen Black3355
Chapin HSChapin HS Eagles4466
Chapin HSChapin HS Talons5577
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity7747634763
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats8847684768
CSCCSC Composite Red6688
CSCCSC Composite Blue4763476311

B Division

Ashley HallAshley Hall Panthers1133
Ben LippenBen Lippen Gold2244
Ben LippenBen Lippen Green3355
Ben LippenBen Lippen Black4466
Chapin HSChapin HS Eagles5577
Chapin HSChapin HS Talons6688
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity8847684768
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats4763476311
CSCCSC Composite Red7747634763
CSCCSC Composite Blue4768476822