NWISA South Regionals


Saturday, March 14:

The forecast was for rain and wind in the high teens with gust up to 30 knots. in the harbor we saw wind that was in the mids teens and gusts to 25 shifting often 30 to 40 degrees as the wind dropped over the hill. The rain stopped and the racing was described as gnarly to exciting by the sailors. The fleet had frequent capsizes through the middle of the day.

We had three experienced markset/crash boats with one EMT on board. We also had a Doctor volunteer to be first aid on the dock. It was used to the full benefit of the sailors as we had four incident reports filled out for head injuries, one was treated and sent home, two were "sat out" for observation and one was returned to sailing after testing and observation by the doctor. I highly recommend getting a doctor on the dock for high wind days.

Racing started at 10:40 and progressed with no postpoments until the last warning at 4:55. The wind built to noon from the south mostly and then clocked westward so the course had to be reset between and during races to keep the course square. The wind suddenly shifted to the ENE at 4:00. the RC reset for the easterly and got off two more races.WE completed 14 races, 7 in each division. on team was given redress for equipment failure: The lesson learned was A-tape your ringdings B-you might not be given redress for equipment you can control and should have looked at prior to leaving the dock.

We had Dick Rose of the Racing Rules of Sailing on the dock to serve justice and explain the rules and confirm or refute conceptions of rules. I don't think any protests came back to the dock. The redress rule was explained. He also confirmed that in youth racing, due to the safety of the sailors, If a capsized or otherwise endangered boat has sailors in the water too long or in the way of a ferry, they may get help from the RC as in lifting the mast tip, and if they wish to continue racing in that race the will not be scored dnf but rather in the natural finish position.

Techscore was used as much as possible and we all learned a lot. Safari did not seem to allow direct entry of score so we sent pics to the beach and they were entered on Chrome

At the end of the day, all the sailors felt challenged by the wind but we did not have any teams bail out because the wind was too much. We all hope for the complete recovery of the sailors that got banged and To see you all at the next regatta.

Pat Mitchell, Regatta chair

Score summary

3Lincoln ORCardinals422567
4Catlin GabelEagles394685
5Gig HarborTides543589
8Red Hawks 12972101
9North KitsapVarsity 14270112
12Red Hawks 27081151
14Central KitsapCougars 18897185
15Central KitsapCougars 29399192
16North KitsapVarsity 2100110210

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