Donald Greene Regatta

Scores for Division B

1WinchesterWinchester High School11Michael Houllahan '16
VarsityWill Costa '17
2Lincoln Sudbury RegiLincoln Sudbury RHS26Julia Wyatt '171-2
Tyler George '173-6
Warriors 1Masha Filatov '181-2
Isabelle Lombardi '163-6
3Dover Sherborn RegDover Sherborn RHS29Brian Mitchell '18
Varsity 2Jensine Philips '18
4SharonSharon High School37Arthur Rabinovich '181-2
Aaron Fairchild '173-6
Varsity 1Michael Anchan '191-2
Brandon Berchuck '163-6
5Boston LatinBoston Latin School40Naomi Geffken '171-2,5-6
Daniel Bryan '193-4
VarsityAlex Su '171-2
Maia McGonagle '193-4
Meghan McGonagle '205-6
6Dover Sherborn RegDover Sherborn RHS51Colin McGruer '16
Varsity 1Lilly Nystrom '18
7WaylandWayland High School52Dylan Rader '18
Varsity 1Marlee Griffin '18
8Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSA53No show
Southern MENo show
9DuxburyDuxbury High School60Caroline Williams '19
VarsityCaitlyn Sarles '16
10SharonSharon High School69Gautam Goel '17
Varsity 2Addison Stead '19
*11WaylandWayland High School74Sarah Raines '171-2
Emily Rader '193-4
Vincent Pak '175-6
Varsity 2Lucy Poole '18
*12WellesleyWellesley High School74Chase Ireland '181-2
Olivia Sowles '183-4
Andrew Harrington '165-6
Varsity 2Zane Salameh '181-2,5-6
Eleanor Bennett '173-4
13BrooklineBrookline High79Gabrielle Rizika '161-4
Arthur Chen '16 *5-6
WarriorsWilliam Neubauer '16
14Manchester/Essex RegManchester/Essex RHS81No show
Hornets 2No show
15SwampscottSwampscott High School83Amanda Szczawinski '171-2
Laid Zafrani '183-4
Olivia Reiser '195-6
Big BlueLili Barba '171-2
Alex Fisk '193-4
Fred Paster '195-6
16HinghamHingham High School88No show
HarbormenNo show
**17Notre Dame AcademyNotre Dame Academy90Elizabeth Bell '161-4
Marina Petrillo '185-6
NDA VarsityAbigail Frasier '20
**18BB&NBB&N - Buckingham Browne and Nichols90Danny Noenickx '181-2,5-6
Max Gudwin '173-4
KnightsMax Gudwin '171-2
David Sabatino '163-6
19Lincoln Sudbury RegiLincoln Sudbury RHS93Will Emery '161-2,5-6
Blake Danzigeer '183-4
Warriors 2Conner Simmons '181-2,5-6
Ryan Heindel '193-4
20Manchester/Essex RegManchester/Essex RHS97No show
Hornets 1No show
21WellesleyWellesley High School103Megan Kelly '181-2,5-6
Dan Brennan '173-4
Varsity 1Annie Griffin '181-2,5-6
Matthew Tufankjian '173-4
*Number of high-place (4) finishes
**Number of high-place (9) finishes

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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