MISSA East Team Race Qualifier


Saturday, April 23:

Great day on the water to complete our team racing. Conditions were light to moderate NE winds with a flat lake state. We had a sail-off for 3rd place. Congratulations to GPS, GPN and Spring Lake.

Sunday, April 24:

Beautiful day on the water, again with light NE winds, flat lake state. Finished our fleet racing.

Final Results

1Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolBlue Devils6-0Blake Stackpoole '18Emma Clutterbuck '16
John Walton '18Ben Peters '16
Caroline Seski '17Kaitlin Malley '17
Jackson Webster '17Katherine Kunhlein '16
2Spring LakeSpring Lake High SchoolRed5-1Jonathan Prins '16Sam Colvin '16
Grant Stille '16Eric Schock '17
Noah Wolters '19Jacob Weesies '16
3Grosse Pointe NorthGrosse Pointe North High SchoolNorsemen4-2Lindsey Ramsdell '18Sydney Semack '18
John Huskin '18Adam Weinkauf '18
Mathew Moores '17Teddy Prokop '19
John Godoshian '18
*4Cranbrook KingswoodCranbrook KingswoodCranberry Compote2-4Allison Glover '17Jimmy Chen '18
Buddy Ford-Rippolone '17Kait Alvord '16
Hunter Shuert '17Joe Devroy '17
Lizzie Balsam '18
*4St. Francis  TraversSt. Francis High School Traverse CitySt Francis Gladiator2-4Katherine Clulo '18Jamie McClellan '17
MaryFrances Myler '18Justin Friend '16
Lily Salgat '18Sophia Elkhart '18
**6Detroit Country DayDetroit Country Day SchoolVarsity2-4Liz Obermaier '17Brian Liu '18
Jacob Mackey '17Amanda Williams '17
Connagh Rowley '18Jacob Mackey '17
Harrison George '18Connagh Rowley '18
7Traverse City CentraTraverse City CentralVarsity0-6Brooke Corso '17Celeste Anderson '17
Amelia Burke '18Olivia Wilson '18
Maddie Zimmerman '17Caelan Wright '19
*Tie stands
**Total points scored when tied teams met (23)