MISSA Baker West Pre-Qualifier


Saturday, April 23:

Racing began slightly late at 10am to accommodate an additional set-up period for umpires. Winds from 10-12mph from the SE with moderate puffs and balanced shifts lead to great racing and few course changes. Two rounds robins were completed. One Umpire initiated (D2.6) Yellow flag penalty was heard at the end of the day, which was disallowed.

Sunday, April 24:


We've waited, no dice. After two complete round-robins on Saturday, racing was called off at 10am for Sunday due to weather concerns. Thanks everyone for the great event!

Final Results

*1WayzataWayzata High SchoolNavy8-2Jackson Connell '17McKenna Miller '16
Wiley Hunt '19Anna Brew '17
Charlie Hicks '16Brianna Misk '17
Charles "Alex" Honke '16Emma AuBuchon '19
**2MinnetonkaMinnetonka High SchoolSkippers8-2Nathan Olmsted '19Carl Eaton '17
Lily Loosbrock '17Lizzy Holimann '16
Conrad (Cort) Vandlik '17Berette McNaught '16
Sydney Maxwell '17
Graham Ness '19
3ArrowheadArrowhead High SchoolWarhawks7-3Alec Bischoff '16Chloe Frentzel '17
LIzzy Friend '16Gavin Burkhart '16
Henry Chapman '19Erin Schaubel '18
4Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior High SchoolVarsity4-6Jason Davis '17Madison Mott '17
Grover Warner '19Henry Chadbourn '18
Simon Rothman '17Remi Clark '19
5OronoOrono High SchoolScarlet3-7Samuel Bartel '18Helen McDonnell '17
Erik Sundberg '18Kristin Berg '16
Henry Jaffray '18Archie Bolgar '19
Erich Pinske '18Erik Sundberg '18
6Benilde St MargaretsBenilde St MargaretsRed0-10Walker Mullin '19Liam Long '17
Joey Simpson '17Will Driessen '19
Riley Norman '19Aaron Wachowiak '19
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)