NWISA North Regionals


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 1A4A4A6A6
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 2A6A63232
BallardBallard Beavers44441414
BellinghamBellingham Raiders41414242
EverettEverett SeagullsEV1EV1A4A4
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 114141616
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 21616B4B4
STEMSTEM Engineers99EV1EV1
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 145454343
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 2434377
OrcasOrcas Vikings 132323131
OrcasOrcas Vikings 231314444
SehomeSehome Mariners V 1BYC4BYC4B5B5
SehomeSehome Mariners V 2BYC5BYC5B7B7
SehomeSehome Mariners V 3BYC7BYC74141
SqualicumSqualicum Storm42424545
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 17788
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 28899

B Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 1B4B4B5B5
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 2B5B5B7B7
BallardBallard Beavers42424545
BellinghamBellingham RaidersEV1EV1A4A4
EverettEverett Seagulls1616B4B4
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 145454343
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 2434377
STEMSTEM Engineers14141616
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 1A6A63232
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 232323131
OrcasOrcas Vikings 1B7B74141
OrcasOrcas Vikings 241414242
SehomeSehome Mariners V 17788
SehomeSehome Mariners V 28899
SehomeSehome Mariners V 399EV1EV1
SqualicumSqualicum StormA4A4A6A6
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 131314444
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 244441414